God’s N Roses


It’s the love of God…..


This is the second time it’s happened. The irony is I rarely have time to ever prune the rose bushes anymore, but there she was again.

Free Stock Photography: Rose Picture. Image: 221627
© Photographer Carsten Erler | Agency: Dreamstime.com

The first time she drove up the kids and I were all out on the front driveway in our ridiculously quiet and obscure culdesac, when a dark grey minivan pulls up, around, and then closets us in with her car. A woman gets out, but she leaves the motor running. Now I have 4 little kids, within a 6 year span, and even though there was a welcoming smile on my face, my first thought was okay lady, you take one of my kiddos and these pruning shears will be what you dream about while both you and I are in prison. Standing there in my jeans, leather gardening gloves, and rusty scissors, I realized I could…

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