Was & Is God Sexist (The Facts part 4)

Here are some facts about a fraction of women of the Bible off the top of my head…

*Eve was created perfect.
*God made it a point in His Word to tell everyone of Sarah’s beauty
*After asking for a baby, God let Sarah get pregnant at 90!
*God Himself spoke to Hagar, a servant girl. He told her He sees her, and He takes care of her child.
*The Bible says there were words from anyone who dared make fun of the wife of Moses. So what if she was black skinned?
*God purposefully picked out Rebecca for Isaac, and told of their love story
*He allowed Leah, who wasn’t notably attractive to be married and taken care of
*There was a prostitute that was spared, and another harlot who received grace unending from her prophet husband…
*There was a woman who became queen, and saved her people for such a time as this
*A woman would be honored in the Bible for her hospitality towards a prophet who would stay at her house. God would give her a baby for it
*Another woman was notably praised for her love and faithfulness to her mother-in-law, and God honored her with happiness and love.
*It was, to a teenage girl, God would impregnate with the Prince of Peace for whoever would believe in Him He would give them a right to be called children of God
*A little girl would be healed from fever, and certain death
*Widows would be watched over, and certainly His own mother as He died on the cross.
*When He rose from the grave, He showed Himself to women friends first!

The list goes on and on. There are dozens more. Those were only the ones I could think of quickly. Does God sound sexist to you? Do you think the God of these wanted the exploitation and abuse we read about? No. He didn’t. It was the perversion of people to change the idyllic perfection of Eden. God was not the creator of molestation, rape, sodomy, adultery, emotional burglary, and the ultimate destruction of female hearts and minds. Man was. Then, the only reason men became the culprits in the stand-off of the sexes is because they were lost. The Bible says there’s none righteous, no, not even one.

If a man, or a woman, for that matter, sees thier need for a savior, they can be forgiven. It’s a matter of the heart. We can ask for forgiveness, or we can wallow in the mud of our hearts in the standoff against anyone who would call us to live better; to live free.
We don’t have to be trapped in sin, men, nor do we need to be filled with bitterness toward them, women.
Ask God to fill your life with everything that is Him. Some of you scoff, but if you’ve never flown the white flag of surrender, than you don’t understand what it’s like not to live in the constant looking over your shoulder at what is inevitably coming.
There’s living life empty, or living it to the brim. There’s freedom and life filled full in living for the One Who Made it All.
If you have any questions, please contact me.


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