Was & is God sexist? (part 3 Don’t Quit)


A few months back I wrote a blog post concerning love & marriage, but in it I wrote personally about what I view are the wonderous differences between men and women. Needless to say, it received a critisism of my supposed archaic views of genders, and more specifically the absolute differences between them. Funny how you can meet a small fraction of women that are more masculine, or a handful of men out of the entire world that are more feminine, and now your generalization of gender, and the roles that we live & love in are now dissallowed? I don’t think so.
A woman is a man’s compliment. Men are more complete when paired with a woman. Why? Because it’s how we were created. This happens when the differences between us collide in relationship, changing involuntarily bits of us all the time. Like the ebb and flow of the tides, day in and out, the sharp edges of ourselves start to wear away over seasons of time, leaving beauty, and compromise- even sacrifice of ourselves to better the other.
Disagree? Sit with any long-married couple, and even better, ones with white or gray hair, and allow yourself one day to hear their stories. Every single old man or woman has a story to tell. Who they were…who they became. Who they loved, and who they lost. Every moment of that long life was a chipping tool- a gift, though most don’t want to see it as that; a gift of great scraping through all that is raw, and real and needs to go.
And after a life full of living- talking, crying, lazing, traveling, birthing, feeling deeply, and even watching last breaths float away, one becomes slowly, in the erosion of life, who you are needing to become. For eternity.

God placed a man and a woman to be together, in a monogamous and selfless lifetime plan. There was a purpose in how he put us together.
God’s purposes are unstoppable.
God has been using this plan, for one man, and one woman to live life together, married and monogamous, for thousands of years. Marriage, in the way it was intended, is a picture that reflects the love of God. His commitment to the family…His faithfulness to His people… His forgiveness even in their adultery and idolatry…There’s way more to this ‘marriage thing’ than just ’cause it’s Biblical’…. Way more.
No, God isn’t sexist. He isn’t a respecter of persons, liking men more than women or vise versa. He formed the sexes perfectly, sex itself perfectly, and each gender perfectly; a compliment to the other. An asset to each other, and a gift. If we could stay…without quitting on each other because we’re tired of changing…without buying into this Disney movie Hollywood lie that love is at first site…realizing that it’s not all about ourselves, disappointed in our expectations of others, and selfishly concerned with our own needs being met constantly, then perhaps a lifetime living the way God intended it to be would help us reflect the true nature of God. We would become what was always intended for us to be. Love.


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