Was and Is God Sexist? (part 2 The Counterattack)

Let’s talk about the counterattack. The fact is women became tired of misuse. Groups of them set the pendulum to swinging with great force all the way to the other side of the spectrum, and has it hanging precariously by a very sticky thread, unable to fully make it’s way back to the ‘very thin line’. Women have decided, in direct assault against the aforementioned post, (which can be viewed here) to take any and all power back from men in every instance.
“We will wear pants!” (That was a good one. Thank you.)
“We will vote!” (Another good one. It’s our civic duty.)
“We will go to work.” (Ok, nothing wrong with that as long as the kids are taken care of, right?)
“We will fight to get paid the same as a man!” (Well, when we work just as hard we should get paid the same)
“We will prosecute abuse!” (And well we should)
But the pendulum has swung hard. Trapped in a web of anger and bitterness, we’ve now begun spitting animosity.
“We can do ANYTHING a man can do!” (Mnnnn isn’t it ok that we’re built different?)
“All men are morons!” (Really? I disagree.)
“We won’t even marry men anymore!” (Umm, wait. I…)
“And if we do, we definitely will not claim their last names!”
“We’ll poison our children against their fathers!”
“And we’ll raise our children without them! Children don’t need dads!” (Yeah, they do.)
“We will make fathers out to be either feminine or idiots on every tv show!” (Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed)
“We will form groups that sit around and talk about how lame men are, how they’re not good fathers, and wonder why they’ve left us all!” (Yep. Doesn’t take much of a Google search for that one)
And on and on it goes.
Can we untangle this web before it’s too late? Before so much hate and bitterness suffocates us from the very One who is able to save us from ourselves.


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