Was and Is God Sexist? (Part 1 The Genesis)

I’m always amazed at how many people claim that God is discriminatory of women. I’ve heard numerous times from one person or another how they could never worship a God who can look down on women; treating them like animals, and disallowing them the same freedoms as men.
But is the God of the Bible really sexist?

From the very Genesis…the creation of mankind, and the title of the first book of the Bible God made man from dust, and the woman from the man. Ugh. Here we go. Some are already disgusted, but allow your pride to see past this into something much more beautiful for a moment. She wasn’t made from his foot, allowing presumptiously for him to lord over her. She wasn’t made from his skull, allowing some to assume she was better intellectually. She was made from a rib, the closest thing to the heart of a man. She became an equal, cherished unerringly because of the intimate sacrifice of himself, as well as the gift from God she was to him.
God made Eve, and she was to be a complement to her husband, but the man didn’t need to be commanded to love his wife. Love, commitment, joy, loyalty were a part of every second of their existence. Until they chose to sin. Then and only then was the curse put in place…and now? We can choose to love joyfully, but only until death do us part.

Wait. Please hear me. Who sinned? Our great grandparents Adam & Eve. They disobeyed God. No matter what the Father had already supplied, they lusted for the one thing God had told them they couldn’t have. When they took what wasn’t allowed, no real matter what it was, that perfect happiness and contentment…the immortality of perfection was lost. Gone, like that. And like any disobedience there came the consequence. For Him? A curse with briars and thorns in trying to reap what we sow. Working endlessly hard to sustain a living, but then you die.
Her? Pain in childbirth, ultimate death, and her submission to her husbands leadership.

Some misunderstand this part.
They assume what this means is first, a woman’s need to submit to any and every man because she’s weak and needs constant guidance. Some believers in Jesus even cling to this, and I cringe/wince/get heart palpitations just thinking about how very wrong this opinion is. This is completely unbiblical and moronic. Second, some believe that she should have no say or opinion in any matter, and is subject to downcast or hidden eyes, fully clothed until only a small part of the face is visible, and to be only useful raising children, looming, and sweeping floors. This is also perverting any scripture, and has taken force in many cultures of the world. It’s wrong. Thirdly, and there might be many more- the sad belief that a woman has no right to defend herself against any act of a man because of her inferiority. Rape, incest, brutality, assault, emotional or physical abuse and the like.
These perversions are man’s, not God’s.
God is not the author of a man’s misuse or abuse of a woman. We were all made in the image of God, precious, and intended to love, cherish, walk unashamed- fully capable of any action set before us. I believe we were also unable to see the full consequence of what would derive from that very first rebellion. Seeing only the utopian Eden, we were blinded to what would become our proverbial Hell. We had ruined everything.

(Bible reference Genesis chapters 1-3.)


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