Miracle On 55th Street

This past weekend 25 of us girls from church drove down to San Diego to hang out and learn what more we could from the Bible under Beth Moore. An internationally known phenomenal speaker, she is a diligent digger-outer of God’s Word, pulling correct context and mining the Greek or Hebrew root words of familiar passages. Amazing conference.

With 9,000 of us in the arena, there were sweet moments of personal clarity, and sober moments of great wisdom, but what was mind blowing was the seemingly insignificant 3 minute section at the very end. After praying for God to show up, and for Him to show His presence there, Beth asked for any of us who struggle with a chronic disease to stand to our feet. In our small group there were two who we all knew, and immediately came to mind as those who should be brave enough to stand. One of the women stood next to me, and as I turned around to find the other she was gone. I thought, oh no, bummer, we’re going to pray for her to be healed, and she just happened to use this particular moment to answer nature’s call???!! You’ve gotta be kidding! But turning back around I laid hands on the one I could reach. We did pray, all 9,000 of us, that God would heal their bodies.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. The other woman who had been almost to the top of the stadium steps, and heard the plea for those who needed healing to stand and be prayed over, couldn’t. She was on a stadium stairwell, and continued to the top amidst the crowds of those wanting to pray over the others. I would hear the story shortly after, that a woman who had been standing at the top of the arena, made a bee-line for my friend who was headed to the restroom. This stranger took my friend, grabbed her by the neck gently, and spoke softly words of encouragement that she was there to pray for her. My friend has Parkinson’s. But the condition she’s in shows no outward signs. Only God Himself could have told that woman in a group of thousands what needed to be done. Only our God Himself could have that kind of knowledge, and then move on another person to tell her to pray.
We serve a personal and intelligent God. One who cares about every ailment and disease…a Father who is not callous and jaded to the concerns of His children.
I don’t know if my friend was healed that Saturday afternoon. But I do know that He was there. His presence is better than any answer to prayer.
Do you know Him?
If there is anything you need prayer for, please write me and I’ll be praying for you.


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  1. Tidbitter says:

    Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment. After researching, and reading all related articles and links I believe my sisters in Christ and I disagree on a non-essential issue. Their stance is that the miracles and acts of God are not available or still working today, and that one cannot hear from God personally. While honoring them, I respectfully disagree, and would love to sit over coffee with one or more to have a refreshing and rejuvenating conversation about this. With my Bible wide open before me, and walking with Jesus for the last 30 some odd years, I cannot stand in that camp. But again, it’s a non-spine issue. We believe in Jesus, as savior of the world, that He died and then rose again according to the Scriptures. These issues are what truly matters. The rest become disunity within the Body of Christ when we fight over them.
    Concerning that new-age, retarded praying where one demonically opens their mind to God knows what, and never mentions the love of Christ, or His saving grace, I agree wholeheartedly that praying that way would be pointless, if not detrimental to your walk with God. However, in defense of Beth Moore, with all discernment, I would disagree that is what kind of prayer she uses. I will continue to use discernment under any teacher, but every time I’ve heard her pray, or speak to a group of women it is biblical and the Spirit of God is there. How do you know when that happens? By the fruit. Where there is repentance, restoration, healing, and freedom given to the hearer the Spirit of The Lord is.
    I exhort any reader, be careful not to make a nonessential issue into an essential one because of your discomfort with it. Disunity is not from God. Love.
    Blessings and grace,

    1. SheilaWalks says:

      Agreed, Audra. this is an OLD nonessential issue. The world is going to hell, they need Jesus. There are too many Christians sowing discord, & we must be wise. We need to be so careful that we don’t wrongly criticize Bible study teachers that are rightly proclaiming the truth. BTW, I know your friend that you spoke of here and I was absolutely blown away by God’s love and goodness…nothing short of a miracle!

  2. Jerry Wood says:

    It would be worth your time to read the following post. These ladies came out of the new age movement and are now solid Bible believers, and are able to expose much of the false teaching found there.

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