Why Are You Angry?


An amusing question was brought up in conversation this week.
Well, I thought it was…
We have less than 643 original manuscripts of Homer’s Iliad. Less than 10 early manuscripts of Julius Ceasar’s Gallic Wars. We have only 7 from Pliny, 8 from the history of Thucydides’, and 8 early manuscripts from Herodotus’ History.

But we have over 24,000 original manuscripts of the New Testament alone…
Have you ever heard of someone tossing and turning in their beds, wondering if there really was the existence of the person called Plato? Or any of the people mentioned above? No, of course not.
So why are there so many wrestling with the person of Jesus Christ?
Why does Jesus make you so angry?
Why do you spend a great deal of your existence wrestling with His love for you?
Why can’t you accept His love?

Are you sure it isn’t just man-made religion that drives you nuts? The fact that throughout all of history power hungry men have devised great schemes to rob, deceive, and control others through their use of God’s name? That’s irritating to me too.

But be careful.

To deem God a counterfeit, or obsolete, a liar, inadequate, or profane, simply because of some doofus who’s used people might not be wise.
Religion kills. Religion stifles. Religion misses out.

But a relationship with God, is very different. Simply, yet profoundly, it is a friendship with the One Who Made It All. He doesn’t tell you to lie to people, to take money from the gullible, or force you to believe something ever.

God loves people, and requires His followers to do the same. If you see anything different, it just might be man-made religion.

Plato walked the earth. Jesus did too. But Jesus claimed to be God, was victorious over death, and rose again. Over 500 people were witnesses to that. Secular historians have included the truths of Jesus’ life in their writings.
So I ask you. Why does Jesus irritate you so?


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