Late Night Pondering


I was thinking this evening about the love of God.
Do you realize Christianity is the only faith that has God reaching down to man, rather than man trying his hardest to make it to God?
Jesus set aside a crown, and shunned a throne, to come endure a life of human-ness. Then, if that wasn’t enough, He was despised, ridiculed, beaten, flogged, rejected, crucified, murdered, and buried. For what?
To take our place.
Who else would do that?!

I was wondering about the love of God, and how some don’t see this love at all. They don’t recognize it. They’re blinded to it. Why?
Because we can become so focused on our own small existence, that we can’t see a bigger picture. We don’t look down through the ages. We don’t study the Great Rescue…
Ponder the existence of Jesus today.
It could mean you finding yourself pondering the love of God. And who doesn’t need more love, anyway?


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