Heavenly Pruning

Where I live it’s an interesting time of year. On the Southern California coast it never snows, and surfers simply grab a thicker wetsuit to ride the swells. It’s sunny most days, but you can tell its winter by walking through a garden.
This is the time of year most of us prune our most beautiful plants. We trim, and cut off, and discard, and compost. We weed, and pull out, and cut back, and rake up. If not, if we get busy or get lazy, all those plants will grow, and maybe even bloom, but each one will be unruly, and wild, and unhealthy. There are reasons to take the dry and dead off.
On years where I’ve just let my large garden go, later I’ve had to purchase inexpensive large bags of bark mulch to hide grassy un-weeded spots when ready to entertain. I’ve had to cover it up in a pinch, only to have to do the work later anyway.

Symbolically, our lives need to be pruned as well, and what a better time to be introspective a moment than at the start of a new year. What do you need to cut back on? What stuff is wasting space, and just needs to be thrown out? Are there thorns that can scrape others? Is your tongue poisonous and sharp? Is there a treacherous area on your computer, or in a high drawer that could damage a young mind should it be found? Sometimes it’s as simple as a shady area with no Son.
Ask God to cut back, pull down, and traverse through the garden of your life. If there is anything that needs trimming and shaping allow it to be thrown into a holy compost pile. Everything in there can be used again-all the mistakes and regrets can be reborn into lush and fertilized beauty when we walk with the One Who Knows…
You don’t want to get caught covering up a sin, when you can ask Him to take the time for divine pruning. The garden of your life just might become an attractive place for all to hang out in, and you’ll start to really enjoy yourself.
In my garden, all glory goes to Jesus.
Be blessed.


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