The Study of Peace and Rest


I haven’t been writing a lot recently. Not only had a new school year started off, and teaching three of my four children, but also my husband is back in school as well. I feel like I need to crack a textbook around here to feel a part of something!
In all seriousness though, I also now have a large group of women who gather at my place once a month to chat about faith, marriage, friendship, motherhood, hobbies, and the One Who Gave Us All of That- Jesus.
Do you realize that the Bible speaks about every issue concerning your life? There is no sphere or fraction of living here that is not spoken about in His word. That implies that every minute detail of your life is important to Him. Why? Because He created you. You have always been called to be here- even if you wince and grapple at the sound of His name.
He loves you.
A pastor of mine who has now gone before us, while sitting amongst a group of brainiacs discussing the possibility of the supernatural, had something very profound to say. He didn’t argue, or roll his eyes. He simply said, “hey, my soul, and my spirit are at rest.” The crowd went silent.
You see, no matter what you believe about the God that I serve, He alone can give lasting peace. He alone can have you experiencing never lonely.
As our family continues through the studies of mathematics, literature, Geography, and Science, we remember there’s one book that trumps it all. Grab a Bible, and really take the time to read through it. While our school books will teach us how to add, subtract, write poetry, and study nature, the Bible teaches about the One Who Authored It All.
Praying for you,


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