Points of Debate

I mentioned the debate I sat in on in the last post. The topic of this particular debate was ‘Is there a more rational set of beliefs than Christianity?’
The atheists all spoke about how irrational our God is.
The Christians compared the inerrancy of the Bible to other religions.

One atheist, in his opening remarks mentioned that Jesus completely ignored the violence that God had allowed previously in the world. I disagree. Jesus taught love God, and love your neighbor. He commanded us to love. He healed us, and helped us. By teaching us to love He spoke in direct opposition to the violence and murder that humans had been enduring through the centuries. In millennia past, the Ten Commandments had said that very thing. Jesus became a tangible reminder of those exact truths.

Another atheist said that the scientific method is what she uses to aid in rational thought, and to get through life. She had a point. Our family had used that very method earlier that very same day for a science project to measure the size of pores on the external side of a common chicken egg. Great. I didn’t use this method to test my husband’s love for me to become engaged, or to form a hypothesis as to whether he would be there for me if I ever got cancer. Some things can’t be tested. But they can be prayed about. I can ask the God who made my husband, and who has raised us, and grown us both up, if that was the right choice for my life. Human love can’t be tested. Hope…can’t be tested. Faith can’t be fully understood.
All I’m saying is the scientific method isn’t foolproof. Having a friendship with God is though. The love of God is sure.

Do you know that every single time I get in my car a particular song comes on? Because two days ago I said, “I LOVE that song, God, can you play it for me? Next song on was it. The next time I get in my car…it’s on. Took my kids to their class, and it’s on. Drive home from a debate at church…my song comes on. You could say. Well…radio stations play certain songs periodically on the air for publicity..and…the coincidence….
For 3 days?! After I asked specifically for it from Him? Driving random times in very short trips to a library, or to church in the same city? They must play that particular song a LOT! I happen to believe the opposite of what the atheists tonight do. That I was created. Fashioned for the specific purpose to love and know God. In submitting to that truth, He shows wisdom, favor, and love towards me in many numerous ways. It’s a friendship unlike any other. He’s God.


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