Worth Kneeling For

I love to think about one day bowing my knee, in person, to the One I love to worship. The Bible says every knee will bow. I can’t help but think that this means one day there will be a clarity there that is not here today. Like, “Oh…My…God…”, but it won’t be blasphemous because what you’re saying is really what you’re meaning. Can you picture it? Every knee bent regardless of how stiff they were towards The Lord here on this place? That picture speaks of astonishing surrender, an uncontrollable yielding of wills to the One that only meant to love you from the start.

My friend Terry wrote this in the last few days. My heart resonates with this.

“To fear the Lord is to reverence, respect, and obey Him. To fear the Lord is to seek to obey Him in all things at all times. We are not to pick and choose to obey when we agree with Him, or when it’s convenient.

One Sunday a young couple that was visiting our church came up to talk to me. They said they loved our church, the worship and teaching were a blessing, and the people were warm and welcoming. I was pleased to hear that, and of course thanked them. The couple then began to ask me a variety of questions including salvation by Jesus alone, and the issues of abortion and gay marriage. I opened the Bible and answered them. I was curious as to why so many questions, and asked them. They told me they were Christians who love Jesus and they were looking for a church that taught the Bible in a way that agreed with their personal and progressive beliefs. I then understood what the personal beliefs were, so I again tried to gently show them what the Bible had to say. They were not rude or argumentative, but they haven’t come back.

The couple was basically saying, we want God and we want Jesus, but on our terms, in a way that is comfortable with us, and what we want. That couple is not alone, in fact their attitude is very prevalent in these days. There are many who pull a Jonah who said….I know I’m a Hebrew, I believe in God, in fact I’m a prophet, I just don’t like what He wants me to do, I’ll be going another direction.

God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and always right. It is best for us to learn humble maturity and realize that our will many times may not line up with God’s will. If we love and fear Him, we admit He is right and we set our feelings aside and obey.”

Terry’s right. There are many who say, “I’m a Christian….I just don’t agree with that particular antiquated portion of scripture.” But that particular scripture more often than not is being questioned for no other reason than it’s a fraction of their life that they want to live out, regardless of what the God they claim to worship has said about it.
Those particular scriptures are still truths from God Himself.
I guess what I am having an emotionally tough time comprehending, is how I can allow what I want, and how I desire to live, to be more important than the wishes and instruction of the One who made me, and loves me?
If God says homosexuality is wrong, then it is, regardless of what you want to argue. If Jesus says that murdering innocent life, such as abortion, is wrong, then we ought not do it.
This is not difficult teaching to comprehend.
What is difficult is the surrender, right?
It means bowing a knee to Someone other than ourselves. If only I could show you, if only you knew, how absolutely worth it His friendship really is…
His love is absolutely worth bending my knees, and my will.

Praying for you,
Daughter of the King


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  1. Taryn says:

    There are many ways to interpret the Bible. You happen to interpret it one way about abortion and gay marriage but there are many, many other people who can just as easily interpret the Bible to mean something else. Past generations were raised to believe that the Bible spoke in favor of segregation and slavery and could easily pull out the Bible to back up that belief. Now that segregation and slavery are no longer socially acceptable the verses that were used to support it are interpreted in a different way. I think that in another generation the same will happen with gay marriage. People will look back amazed that the Bible was used to try and stop two consenting adults from getting married because they are of the same sex, just like now people are amazed that the Bible was used in the past to enslave people or keep two consenting adults from getting married because they were of different races.

    It reminds me of this pastor who switched out the words “racial integration” for “gay rights” in a speech written decades ago. It was so easy to do because the Bible can be interpreted to support segregation.


    1. Tidbitter says:

      Taryn I appreciate your thoughts, and have given them much thought of my own over the last few years myself.
      There’s a couple of points I would like to make. First, yes, many interpret the scriptures in different ways. However, there’s only one interpretation that is correct, and in context. The original one, authored by God.
      You love to use Holocaust examples, so I’ll give you one. Just because the basic whole of Germany was against the Jewish nation, and interpreted their worldview to try and annihilate the Jewish race didn’t mean they were correct. I am sure you would agree. A different way of looking at it is the fact that a large percentage of freeway drivers speed. That doesn’t mean if you go along with the masses that you won’t be in the wrong if pulled over by a police officer. The vast percentages of those who misinterpret don’t change the initial truth of the Bible.
      Second, God didn’t initiate slavery, nor did He start the demeaning of women with polygamy. (That in itself is a whole other conversation.) but God didn’t initiate it-man did. If someone holds up a Bible, while owning a human life, do you think it was something they truly lived by, or just used as extra ammunition in the face of a dying worldview?
      The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself.
      If someone holds up a Bible claiming that one race is better than another, I’d ask that person to show me where it says that. The Bible says that God created each person unique, that means every race and color. The Bible also says to love your enemies…do good to those that persecute you, and that Israel is God ‘s chosen people. This opposes every single person who uses the Bible to hate others.
      The Bible doesn’t have one teensy ambiguous scripture verse concerning homosexuality. The verses are plentiful and plain. Furthermore, if one can look at scripture and misinterpret the love, or mercy, or even the judgement of God on cities and people groups who were known for unrighteousness, they certainly wouldn’t have had my respect whether in Hitler’s day, the Civil War era, or any other time in history. You’re right. The Bible is used for personal benefit. But not rightly so.

  2. Yes, His love is absolutely worth bending my knees, and my will, excellent word, thanks for the blessing!

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