Will I Go?


This was the question posed.
Will I go with Jesus, despised and rejected of men, outside the city gate?
Of course in our day and age this question is mostly figurative. If you were a gentile, (not of the Jewish faith/race), sick with leperosy, a criminal, ceremoniously unclean, and for any other reason they deemed one an outcast, you would not sit with the elders at the city gates. That’s where the men would meet to discuss business, important issues of their township, decide issues, and make general decisions.
Jesus would have been there except he started all this hullabaloo. He started talking about being one with Yahweh God the Father of Israel. He started healing people, turning water into wine, and raising dead people to life. He started a revolution. He changed many lives for the better. Shame on Him! We should take him out, the leaders decided, and they probably decided that at the city gate.

I always thought this was so ironic. The important men of their day, deciding important issues of their time, and they wanted to kill the very same Jesus who spoke them into existence. The Word of God who was there before the foundations of the world were even laid. The very one who created the air we breathe. How much pride and audacity do we have to obtain for us to think ourselves better than Him?

If God has spoken, what an awful shame it will be to us if we don’t listen. If it’s true, and we don’t make the effort to study his words and make him the number one priority it won’t make a bit of difference who we became while we were here, the success we’ve gained, or the kindnesses we’ve shown. We’ll have missed the whole point.
I’ve already decided I’ll stand outside the gate. To be completely honest, with Jesus I think I’d stand almost anywhere. And as this place hated Jesus with a passion, and after they killed him, they revolted against those who followed him. Every one of them made a choice. I’m either for Him, or I’m against Him. There’s no middle ground. There’s no spiritual or religious Switzerland. You’re either a follower of Jesus, and of His statutes, or you’re at enmity with Him. I choose Jesus even if there comes a day where that means we’re outside the city gates. That day is coming. The Bible says it is.
Despised and rejected doesn’t make a bit of difference. The love of Jesus does.


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