It’s All Faith, But it’s Not All Good


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  1. L.M. says:

    I still have not made my mind up about Ray Comfort. I cannot work out whether he genuinely does not understand evolution or whether he pretends not to understand in order to make up pretend arguments. On one hand, I cannot imagine a person being so willing to intentionally humiliate themselves with his typical displays of ignorance. On the other hand, having so many creationists willing to cheer on someone who makes argues against evolution (no matter how stupid those arguments are) must cushion the impact quite a bit.

    Questions like ‘Did Hitler put into practice survival of the fittest?’ highlight, in a really extreme way, just how far this man seems to be from the knowing what he’s talking about. This idea that ‘survival of the fittest’ is supposed to be some kind of life philosophy that individuals use, or that evolution is some kind of conscious program of eugenics, or that interactions between individual humans are the same as interactions between entire species, is just ridiculous.

    And so I wonder, does he really believe what he’s saying? If not… If he’s saying this stuff in order to play up to a creationist base… can you imagine just how little he thinks of you guys? He’s saying these things because he thinks you think they’re believable.

    I want to finish off with a quote from Ray Comfort’s blog. Comfort wrote this when talking to a commenter who believes in evolution:

    ‘you are forgetting that you believe that evolution created gravity (over time). Evolution is the creator, and gravity is part of creation. That’s what you believe. Isn’t it?’


    1. L.M. says:

      argues / makes arguments

      1. L.M. says:

        And, of course, I don’t mean ‘the knowing’.

  2. Taryn says:

    She goes through and explains point by point what is so silly about this video. I am super busy right now and don’t have the time. But I hope you watch and see why this video would do nothing to sway an atheist, it only makes Christians pat each other on the back about how smart they are.

    1. Hi Taryn,
      On your recommendation I did watch the rebuttal video. Other than a whole lot of making fun of Ray, it wasn’t very helpful. She did have one good point. It went something like…Ray was trying to get people to make a rosé, or make something out of nothing…but she claimed it was virtually impossible because evolution takes a exorbitant amount of time to do this. Great point. IF evolution was true it would take a REALLY long time for something to change into something else. I get it. Let me ask you something. If evolution is true, then how come people, and a whole load of other creatures aren’t walking around in various stages of change?
      Note: I am NOT trying to start a debate. I’m simply asking for a thoughtful answer.

      1. Taryn says:

        As a child I had a dog that got fleas during the summer. It was quite a hassle because I couldn’t let it sleep in the house with me. So my dad bought one of cheap flea collars and the fleas went away. I now have a dog and it too will get fleas, but guess what, those flea collars I used as a child, they don’t work. The fleas have evolved. They have adapted to be resistant to the flea medication. They are not the same fleas that were getting on the dog I had as a child. They have changed and evolved in subtle ways to adapt to new things in their environment.

        Blue mussels are a creature that easily show evolution. In as little as 15 years they have evolved to have thicker shells to ward off sea creatures that have moved into their habitat.

        The tuatara in New Zealand is evolving so fast on the molecular level that scientists can observe it.

        Fruit flies have short life spans and scientists have been able to observe them evolve to be able to tolerate higher amounts of what was originally poisoned food just four or five generations.

        The people in Tibet are descendants of the Hans Chinese who migrated to Tibet about four thousand years ago. Both groups are human and both groups are descended from the same original group. But the group in Tibet that moved to high altitudes have evolved to where almost all of them have a gene mutation where their body can easily survive with less oxygen than the typical human body. Since they share the same ancestors it is easy to compare them with the group that didn’t migrate and instead stayed on the coast. Very few of that group has the gene mutation where most of the Tibetan group does.

        In creatures with short life spans we can see them walk around in various stages of change, We can see them evolve and adapt to new things in their environment over several generations. People who think that if we don’t see people walking around with two heads or four arms don’t really understand evolution or how it works.

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