Perfect Score

I’ve been taking golf lessons. First, to humor my husband and create more time together, but now I’ve learned to relax and enjoy the time outside.
The thing I’ve learned about golf is you have to maintain realistic expectations. You’re not going to green it every time, and even if you do, it might take you a few shots to get it in the hole.
Last week I hit it on the green in two shots. If I could sink it in through the next 12 feet I’d make par. But no, it took me 4 more puts and had me complaining, “I hate golf.”

I remember learning to play basketball. The rim seemed so high. Bouncing off more times than dropping in, the elusive ball flitting off the basket, ramming into the pole, or slipping off the court in time to my tired breathing. Even the pro’s…they miss it sometimes, and I’m not even close.

We miss the mark.
Our swing is too heavy, or we skim the rim, but we miss. Our muscles get tired, we sit out an inning, or we become injured and let our teammates down.
Whether we talk sports, work, or a long-term relationship it’s all the same. We’re imperfect. We miss the mark- that bar called Perfect. And as much as we talk to ourselves, and tell ourselves not to let that bar drop any, it drops down. There’s no denying it. We’re not perfect- never were, and are never going to be. Not here anyway. We miss Perfect.
So Perfect came to us. Knowing we’d be blind until He helped us see…knowing we would be deaf until we heard His words. Knowing we’d be lost- searching through the knowledge, grasping at philosophy, and pilfering through any wisdom that might elude us here. He knew no matter how good…we’d miss the mark, no matter how hard we worked, and no matter how much sacrifice, we could never find our way to Him.

Jesus, He’s the mark we’ve missed. Anything other than Him is a counterfeit; an opposing team ready to dominate. Without Jesus enveloping your life you’re pinned. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and you still have zero. The ball keeps hitting the rim, and everyone wonders when you’re contract’s up. You may have everything in the world that money can buy, but there’s nothing. At least nothing that lasts..

Perfect came. Love is here. Jesus still saves. Every single one of us has a deep seated need to be filled by none other. Let no one kid you. Jesus is alive. He is very real. His power is still available. Perfect love heals. It casts out fear. Jesus’ love is still there for you.


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  1. Taryn says:

    Without Jesus, at the end of my life I will not have nothing. I will have hopefully lived a long life where I invested in the lives of others and will have left a legacy where my children and grand-children and even great grand-children can look back at my life and see how I treated others with respect and kindness, where I tried my best to not bring harm or hurt to others. That the goal of life isn’t to accumulate money or even riches up in some magical heaven in the sky, because life shouldn’t be all about us, and yes, accumulating treasures in heaven is making life about yourself, but should be about trying to make the world a better place. At the end of my life, if I have done that, I will have a lot that will last long after I die. I will not be at zero.

    Your idea of perfection and my idea of perfection are two separate things. Your god’s perfection is rather disturbing and does nothing to make the world better. I fail to see your god as perfect or as a “mark” that I need to strive for.

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