Long, Lost Radiation; Proof of God


“R—Radiation from the Big Bang

The third line of scientific evidence that the universe had a beginning was discovered by accident in 1965. That’s when Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson detected strange radiation on their antenna at Bell Labs in Holmdel, New Jersey. No matter where they turned their antenna, this mysterious radiation remained. They initially thought it might be the result of bird droppings deposited on the antenna by nesting Jersey Shore pigeons, so they had the birds and the droppings removed. But when they got back inside, they found that the radiation was still there, and it was still coming from all directions.

What Penzias and Wilson had detected turned out to be one of the most incredible discoveries of the last century—one that would win them Nobel Prizes. These two Bell Lab scientists had discovered the afterglow from the Big Bang fireball explosion!

Technically known as the cosmic background radiation, this afterglow is actually light and heat from the initial explosion. This light is no longer visible because its wavelength has been stretched by the expanding universe to wavelengths slightly shorter than those produced by a microwave oven. But the heat can still be detected.

As early as 1948, three scientists predicted that this radiation would be out there if the Big Bang did really occur. But for some reason no one attempted to detect it before Penzias and Wilson stumbled upon it by accident nearly twenty years later. When the discovery was confirmed, it laid to rest any lingering suggestion that the universe is in an eternal steady state. Agnostic astronomer Robert Jastrow put it this way:

“No explanation other than the Big Bang has been found for the fireball radiation. The clincher, which has convinced almost the last Doubting Thomas, is that the radiation discovered by Penzias and Wilson has exactly the pattern of wavelengths expected for the light and heat produced in a great explosion. Supporters of the steady state theory have tried desperately to find an alternative explanation, but they have failed. At the present time, the Big Bang theory has no competitors.13”

In effect, the discovery of the fireball radiation burned up any hope in the Steady State.”

Excerpt From: Norman L. Geisler & Frank Turek. “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist.” Crossway Books. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/i-dont-have-enough-faith-to/id366307617?mt=11

You can read my conversation with a scientist concerning radiation within the galaxy. His version of logic while speaking with my daughter was…interesting, and can be read here


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  1. Taryn says:

    Are you just going to copy a book and not write any of this in your own words? I have personally found that when people are unable to express their beliefs in their own words they don’t fully grasp or understand them.

    What happened to the five reasons people don’t believe in God and you providing rebuttals? It is obvious from those posts that you weren’t planning to launch into just copying from a book without any original thoughts of your own. Did you discover that you don’t actually understand the issues well enough to provide rebuttals? If so, why not be honest about that and admit that you need to study the issues more? If you can provide rebuttals, why not continue doing so instead of using other people’s words?

    If I wanted to buy this book, read it and have a discussion I would do that. I’m not going to discuss the exerts that you are using because you are leaving out parts of the book. But it is extremely lazy on your part to not even understand the issues you are preaching well enough to discuss it in your own words. Or if you do understand it enough to discuss these issues on your own, it is still lazy to just copy from a book.

    But since you have flat out refused to address the question I had about absolute morals(and no your wishy-washy answer wasn’t answering that was a non-answer cop out from someone too afraid to acknowledge the dark side of absolute right and wrong) I am beginning to see that you don’t want to think deeply about your beliefs. You want to challenge others to do that all while refusing to do it yourself. Thinking deeply about your beliefs means that you can express things in your own words, you answer questions honestly, addressing what is being said, you don’t need to rely on the words of others.

    And by the way, absolute right/wrong means that if stealing is wrong from me, then it is wrong for everyone, even the Jewish people who stole identities of others and food. This isn’t a judgment, it is an acknowledgement of what absolute morals is. Why are you so afraid of doing that? Once exceptions are made for when it is okay to lie/steal/kill, absolute right/wrong cease to exist. This is something you won’t even begin to discuss. Why? You want to speak of your god’s absolute truths in the most shallow way possible and run when the waters get deeper.

  2. L.M. says:

    Just ignoring the pure mess of the last few posts… (I mean, seriously? This is your “proof”?)… I’d like to ask you about the ‘Proof of God’ aspect. How is any of this proof of your god? Why isn’t it proof that an invisible flower fairy created the universe? Or a magic, flying unicorn? Or a cosmic fart? How and why does this prove your weirdly specific, Jesusy God?

    1. Tidbitter says:

      It doesn’t yet. I didn’t write ‘Proof of Jesus’ yet…. These posts have started In the Beginning…and they show proof of intelligent design. You can read them with an open mind for truth, or hassle me all the way through, it’s your choice.

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