Misunderstood Logic; How God Makes Sense

I’ve been called illogical recently on this blog. I get it though. When I tell someone that God is real, it can certainly sound illogical. Honestly, I can even admit how strange it might be for you, me telling you that a person can have a personal relationship with the God of the universe…how that would actually sound.
I mean, you can’t see Him. Like wind, you can’t touch it. And, for the most part, isn’t that what you base your logic on…what you can tangibly put your fingers on, or fix your gaze upon?

I’m not hear to defend my perspective, or even to prove it. My relationship with Jesus stands, whether church doors become irreversibly closed, religious worship becomes illegal, family members disown, business collapses, or a gun becomes shoved in my face. You can’t stop love. You wouldn’t leave a satisfying love relationship with someone else unless the other person in that relationship abandoned you. Jesus won’t do that. God doesn’t leave you. His love was self sacrificial. He gave all, so that I might live.

Next week I’ll have been married for 15 years. I know this man. I know his scent. I know how he thinks. I can almost guess correctly every quick-witted sarcastic response made in good-natured fun. I know every story being retold. I know every nuance of his tenor, because I know his voice. When he goes away for business, and I cannot see or feel him, I still know he’s real. I have his words being said to me on the other end of the phone. I believe the love saturating his texts. My love for him is a fact, because of our relationship.
My parents are another reality. When I lived a thousand miles or more away from the county I grew up in, I still could hear them speak. I still treasured their snail mail letters, and emails. Its not illogical for me to claim great love for them. That love relationship is a fact.

Well, you could argue, that was a terrible analogy. You could argue that I’ve seen my family, and I’ve given and received hugs. Even if I was blind, you could argue that I’ve touched my husband, and I’ve kissed his face. True. That’s all true. Here’s where the ‘illogical’ side of faith walks in on stage left. It’s not good faith to simply believe that I hear God’s voice, but I could tell you a couple hundred stories of God being very tangibly present, and faith became solidified. You might call faith illogical, but that’s because you haven’t had the soil for deep faith to take root yet.
Illogically sounding or not, I’m claiming an absolute real-ness of the creator God based on a similar love relationship with Him. I hear His voice. There are thousands of us that do. We read God’s word, the Bible, and hear the love that was there for His people then, and is still available to us today. When we pray, there are answers. When a problem arises, a solution becomes tangible. We have seen people physically and emotionally healed. We have been supernaturally protected by listening to His direction many times.
You might say, well how about me? I prayed to God to stop being molested, and nothing happened, I wasn’t rescued…. Or, I prayed for my child to live, and God didn’t hear me…
We cannot speak for every movement on God’s great chess board. Sometimes a pawn tips over a king. But lift up your eyes. How about those who have been touched? Is it any less real? What about the numerous many who have been protected? What about the miracles? Is God less real, or is Jesus Christ less relevant and divine because your prayer wasn’t answered? It’s like saying, if God didn’t answer my prayer, than He doesn’t answer anybody’s. Or, if God didn’t show up for me when I was 8, than He doesn’t show up for anyone at all. That’s illogical.

My brother was born with cerebral palsy. Unable to walk, he sports around a metallic black wheelchair and a handicap facilitated minivan. His love for God, and His attitude of ‘whatever-you-want-to-do-with-me God,’has led him to volunteer on his church’s prayer team. They meet certain nights of the week to pray for any who come, whether Christian or not. It’s their ministry to their community. Here he is, bending over someone in their need, either leaning close and uncomfortably in his wheelchair, or forsaking it altogether to crawl up to them on the floor. His thumb bears the calloused scar of manually turning his own wheels, and his shoes are constantly dirty and scuffed from crawling. Humbly laying his hands on dozens of people, God shows up. People are healed. Broken backs, neck injuries, depression, sight, anxiety, muscle pain, recurring nightmares, and most recently, a leg miraculously lengthened to heal a hip and alleviate a perpetual limp.
Why doesn’t God heal my brother? I don’t know.
Does that mean that God’s not nice? Because sometimes He doesn’t do what we think He should? Because here my brother is, faithfully serving, so God owes him something? The God who made heaven and earth should feel obligated to change His plans?

I trust Him still.

He has a great big purpose for my brother’s life. You see broken, but I see people changed by knowing him…helped emotionally by his positive attitude and unceasing trust. God sees with an eternal perspective. Is God less real, are the visible miracles less spectacular, just because my brother’s prayers waft unanswered year after year? He would say what I would say, “Heck no!” God is always good. It’s our perspective that’s limited. You would do something in God’s place differently? Well, it would all go wrong somewhere. You can’t see what God sees.

We are not swayed by any Godmyth.org websites, or YourGodsNotReal.com blog sites. I don’t have the time nor the heart to read every person’s dislike of Jesus Christ. I have a relationship with Him. In 15 years Ive only run across one person who disliked my husband, but when I personally witnessed her complaint, I rolled my eyes. I remember thinking, ‘she fully misunderstood him. Her loss’. The same goes for Jesus. I own His manual. He speaks through His word. He speaks through His creation. He answers my questions. He steers me in the right direction. He speaks through prophecy, and through people. Ive seen hundreds of lives completely changed! Addictions have been conquered. Marriages and family relationships have been totally restored….I don’t fully understand His thoughts, His plans, or His love for me, or for any of us, but I am a beneficiary of it. I embrace this love fully.
There are many reasons why I am not swayed by doubting Thomas’, anti-theist articles, or why I involuntarily roll my eyes at those trying to ‘help’ my intellect, no matter how well-meaning. Because you can’t have a frienship, a love relationship with the God of the universe, and not be changed. When you know how passionately loved you are, and all that Jesus gave so that you can be with Him, so that He can have a relationship with you…You would never be the same.
We all need more love. More forgiveness, more hope, faithfulness, and to give more. We all need to recognize a need and meet it. We all need to have gentleness fill our conversations, and our hands quick to give to the poor. Jesus taught me this. I guess Jesus isn’t all that illogical after all.

Praying for you,


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  1. Taryn says:

    “There are many reasons why I am not swayed by doubting Thomas’, anti-theist articles, or why I involuntarily roll my eyes at those trying to ‘help’ my intellect, no matter how well-meaning”

    If you would list all these many reasons it would be great. I and many others have mentioned why we aren’t swayed by your “facts” and “logic”. When I provide links it isn’t to sway you, it is to show you why you aren’t dealing with solid proof. To show why all your claims of having proof won’t sway me. I have no intentions of converting you, just show you that the “proof” you have is debatable and is hardly proof. Your faith in your god is just that, faith, a belief in something that can’t be proven. So just stop trying to prove it.

    You made it very clear in your earlier posts that you wanted to teach Christians how to “prove” atheist wrong. I’m not sure if you are going to continue with those five points you have made and the rebuttals, but with the one you did, as you can tell from the comments it didn’t even begin to be a rebuttal.

    One of the reasons I do comment on your blog is that you have seemed to only encounter atheist who don’t really challenge you. So you walked away from these encounters with the belief that you actually knew enough about atheist and their belief systems that you could teach others how to debate with them, so I hope that both you and your Christian readers who were going to attempt to use these rebuttals realize that they aren’t always going to work.

    That you could refer to an child being raped and god not answering their prayers as just a part of your god’s cruel game, shows a great deal about you. Where is the love? Where is the horror? Not just the horror at what happened, but the horror that your god let it happen when he could stop it. This isn’t chess, this is real people, real children, real suffering, and to you it appears to all be a game.

  2. L.M. says:

    Also, to this:

    ‘I guess Jesus isn’t all that illogical after all.’

    This is not the logical conclusion of any of what you just said. I guess this is why I keep commenting on your blog, this is what is so annoying. You say: “Blah, blah… constant stream of only vaguely connected things… blah, blah… something about Jesus…blah, blah, meaningless anecdote…SEE, I’M BEING LOGICAL, IT’S PROOF, IT’S EVIDENCE!” Claiming that something is evidence, or proof or that it is logical does not make it so.

    1. Tidbitter says:

      Hi, thanks for your thoughts. If you are even slightly discontent with the content of our posts, you don’t have to read them. A post might be filled with personal musings that seem to be unimportant to you, but I think I’m entitled to write what I wish, don’t you? Our blog in the future might contain the meat of what you’re looking for, but we write what we feel led by God to write. You have the freedom to write what you wish as well. I will not fight with you, no matter how hard you try to pick one.

      My comment as to the logic of Jesus at the end should be taken in context. I was discussing the fruit of a relationship with Him, and all the good that is available to learn. I believe Jesus’ teachings are just and true. His reasonings are the epitome of logic.
      Furthermore, my blog post the 5 Things…, was never intended to be any of the terrible adjectives you claimed it to be. It was a post born from speaking with dozens, if not hundreds of unbelievers, hearing their stories, and my personal explanations of a generation that rejects the gospel of Jesus Christ. Be well.

      1. L.M. says:

        I’m sure it fits in with your sweaty-lipped fantasies of persecution but, trust me, I have no particular interest in picking a fight with you. I just wanted to make it clear (to you and to your readers) that this little sandbox that you’ve built for yourselves, where you play pretend and build fantasy fairy castles with a bucket and spade, does not represent the entire truth. When you throw out a bogus claim (“I have proof of this”, “I have proof of that”, “this is the the truth about what atheists believe”, etc.) it should be questioned and criticized. Otherwise, how would anyone know that it is not the true story? When you tell honest, trusting Christians that atheists do not believe in your God because they just luuuuuuuuuuuurve to sin, somebody needs to introduce some element of doubt. If someone (a Christian or other religious believer) has not had much interaction with atheists then they might believe that your misrepresentations and gross generalizations about us are true (we love to sin, we’re brainwashed, we’re ungrateful about our position in life…). Since these things are not true, I feel the need to set the record straight.

        Again, it is worth mentioning that you’ve claimed to have some meaningful evidence and proof to back up your personal faith. Why shouldn’t that be held up to a basic, adult level of scrutiny? I have no problem with you professing a personal faith but you’ve made claims about evidence, proof and logical reasons to believe that Christianity is true. When such claims do not hold up to scrutiny you can’t just take refuge in spluttering, back-tracking, saying “B-buh-buh-but it is personal faith!” That is not what you said the first time around!

  3. L.M. says:

    You realize that this blog has claimed to have objective evidence for the truth of the Bible, right? That’s why people pulled you guys up on your logic – you claimed to have it, but you couldn’t produce it when asked. Pretty silly to act as if it was an unreasonable question that you don’t have to answer because… mutter, mutter… FAITH!!!1!

    Also, it’s super cute that you play the persecution card. You know, the “My religion is overwhelmingly dominant in my country and is massively over-represented in the public sphere and I will genuinely never have to worry about persecution… but let’s fantasize about persecution anyway because it fits in with my mythology and it makes me feel super brave” card. Y’know, that card? Very cute.

    I don’t even know where to start with all of your nonsense about anti-theist sites and people trying to help your intellect. Your nonsense about atheists (5 Reasons Why You Don’t Believe…) was an intellectually dishonest, condescending version of exactly the same thing, and it was stuffed full of pseudo-psychology and convenient straw-man arguments! I feel like I should quote some Bible thing about taking the plank out of your own eye!

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