Misunderstood Truth; Absolute vs. Relative

Illogically evolving.
As pliable and changing to it’s user as a chunk of fresh Play-doh.
This is my layperson definition of the word TRUTH, as it is used today.
An online dictionary defines it as, “verity, fact; true statement, truism; fundamental reality, basic fact, state or quality of being true; factualness; conformity with reality; conformity with a standard; sincerity, honesty.”
If something is true, it’s true for all people everywhere. It’s a fundamental reality.
So I could make this statement. “Gravity is true. If you step off a roof, you will fall.”
If someone decided to be controversial and test my theory, they probably wouldn’t live long enough to tell me yes, you’re statement is true, they just know it is.
It’s true for Californians, Canadians, Africans, Europeans, and residents of Antarctica.(If there are any roofs there.)
If something is true, it’s true for everyone everywhere.
In all truthfulness, no pun intended, is that’s not how TRUTH is used anymore. “Well that may be true for you, but that’s not my truth.” I hear people say to each other. Or someone will say to me, “I’m really glad you’ve found your truth, but I’m still seeking.”
Really? Is truth really that relative?
I don’t think so, logically speaking.
For instance, if you tell me that there’s no absolute truth, and that truth is relative, than your logic will tend toward this scenario. You’re driving your car. At a stoplight someone comes from the side at gunpoint and pulls you out, but he slides himself in. He now has your car, and is headed toward the border.
If you believe truth is relative, what’s the big deal?
The thief wanted your car. That was his truth. So someone can hijack your car, because their truth tells them that your car should be theirs? Or, someone with a murderous bent should be allowed to exercise that freedom because their truth is relative to that? No? Why? Because that is wrong? Who decides that? The laws we have in place; state government…federal law?
Believe it or not, the original laws stem from the Bible J and I speak about. The no-no’s of today, were written from the 10 commandments. Do not steal. Do not kill. You will, if apprehended and convicted, spend time behind bars for committing an offense against humanity, and God, whether you like it or not.
If truth is not rock solid, and not universal, it can be made to change by every single person holding on to it.
My goal this year is to show you that there is one Truth you can grasp hold of, and stand on with great certainty. God is real.


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  1. Tidbitter says:

    Sorry Taryn, I respectfully disagree with you.
    It is true for everyone everywhere that for you the sun rises in the morning, and sets in the evening. For the people in Alaska, and northern Canada, it is true for everyone everywhere that the sun does not set in the summer, and does not rise in the winter. Truth doesn’t change.
    There are some horrible things that happened in the Holocaust to the Jewish people. Atrocities. What about your heart? Do you think, in your life personally, that lying, stealing, and killing is okay? In 2013, in your town, and in your circumstances…is it not sin for you?

    1. Taryn says:

      What I feel about my town today is completely irrelevant to what I asked. You are yet again avoiding be honest about what you believe. Inot asking you to judge I’m asking if stealing/killing/lying are always wrong that includes during Holocaust. If it doesn’t include the Holocaust, can you point out in the Bible where god gives exceptions to his “absolute truths” which if there are exceptions aren’t that absolute?

  2. Taryn says:

    “If something is true, it is true for everyone everywhere.” It is true that for me in the mornings the sun rises and it gets light and this happens year round. In the evening the sun set and it gets dark and this also happens year round. In some places during parts of the year the sun does not rise and make it light and sometimes the sun does not set and it does not get dark at night. My truth about day and night is not their truth year round.

    Do you believe lying is always wrong? Or stealing? Or forging documents and pretending to be another person? Is it the truth that these things are always wrong in all times in all places? Or is lying sometimes okay? Stealing sometimes okay? Forging documents to pretend you are another person sometimes okay?

    Killing is always wrong? What about the Jewish people who were forced to work with Dr. Mendelson in the horrible concentration camp? He tortured small children leaving them to suffer horrific pain, so the workers would give the children overdoses of morphine to kill them? That was wrong? They should have just allowed the children(in one case tiny twins who were cut open and sewed together to see what would happen, they had screamed non-stop for days) to continue to suffer? Or the Jewish doctors in the ghettos who would kill patients to give them an easier death than what they would have? Were they wrong?

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