The Silent Cry of the Innocent (Part 4 of 4)


The Silent Cry of the Innocent (Part 3 of 4)
The last few posts have weighed heavily on my heart for the past few months.  I pray that every single person who reads a part or all of these posts would know that they are precious and loved, no matter how bad they’ve messed up.  God is a God of redemption.  He is a God of perfect love, grace, and justice.

Over the past few days we’ve learned more about how, and for the most part why babies are being aborted.  We’ve seen pictures and watched videos of the growth and development of babies in the womb.  And we’ve seen a glimpse of how man’s subjective definition of “human life” and “the right to live” can and has become corrupt leading us to a world where we aren’t all equal and the strongest believe they have more of a right to life than others.

Yet, I believe the majority of people value all human life.  Misinformation and ignorance have allowed the “acceptability” of abortion to creep into our culture.  If, as I mentioned in the previous post, you believe a newborn baby has the right to life then I urge you to carefully consider the following points.  There are only four major differences between a newborn baby and a fetus, remember the acronym SLED (Size, Level of development, Environment, Degree of dependency)

  1.  Size:  We can agree that a newborn is bigger than a fetus, but people come in all sizes.  Men are generally bigger than women does this make women less human?  My father is much taller than my mother, does this make my mom less human? Does this give us the right to kill the smallest of us?
  2. Level of development:  The newborn is more developed than the fetus just as the teenage girl is more developed than the six year old girl.  Should the six year old be considered “less human” than the teenager because she isn’t as physically and mentally developed, because she hasn’t hit puberty?
  3. Environment:  When a child is born the doctor immediately aspirates the baby, the cord is clamped, vitals are taken, the baby is swaddled and cared for.  We all change environments throughout the day.  In a few hours I will fly a couple thousand miles across the country, and earlier today I moved from my bed to the desk.  How is it that the 8 inches we travel through the birth canal into this world has become the magical distance we  must travel to attain the right to life?
  4. Degree of dependency:  The fetus is completely dependent on its mother throughout the entire pregnancy and into infanthood where it’s dependent on mom and dad for food, clothing, diaper changes, and its general well being.  How does someone’s degree of dependency determine how “human” they are?  If this were true then anyone dependent on hemodialysis, insulin, a pacemaker, etc…should be considered less human than those who aren’t. 

These are the only four differences between a fetus and a newborn baby.  None of these things (Size, Level of development, Environment, Degree of dependency) make someone more or less human.  So, again I ask, what grounds do we have to murder over a million babies every year? 


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