The Silent Cry of the Innocent (Part 3 of 4)

The Silent Cry of the Innocent (Part 2 of 4)

Every woman considering an abortion should understand that they’re not just eliminating a “parasite” or a “clump of cells “. The heart is already beating (3 weeks after conception) by the time most women find out they’re pregnant.

The video included in the last post clearly reveals that the life inside of the mother is a child who should have the same right to life that both you and I have. Yet the debate rages on and the truth (God’s word) continues to be seen as irrelevant. When man strays from God’s wisdom and truth telling ourselves “its population control” or “that the baby would have had a miserable life, it’s better off dead” we find ourselves headed further and further down the road to destruction. We find ourselves living in a world where we claim tolerance and equality for all humans, yet those who most need our protection are devalued and compared to pigs. We live in a world where technological and medical advances are occurring at an exponential rate and leading scientists and bioethicists such as Richard Dawkins’ and Peter Singer’s statements of BELIEF regarding God and someone’s right to life are unfortunately perceived as statements of science.

The New Yorker describes Peter Singer, professor at Princeton, as “the most influential philosopher alive”. If we were to espouse to Peter Singers view of disabled babies we should have the right to kill them since they are “less human” and on par with Apes. According to him we should all have the choice to kill our newborn baby then within the first 28 days of its life and your three year child should have the same moral consideration as an ape. Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and figurehead for the new atheists, recently tweeted that “…any fetus is less human than an adult pig”. Both men ascribe to the idea that just because we are human beings, it doesn’t mean we are more valuable than a dog or a cat. They believe one’s right to life depends on their ability to feel pain and pleasure. These ideas may seem extreme yet these men are influencing the next generation of leaders with professorships at prestigious colleges in a society driven by the laws of moral relativism. In addition to leaders in the university setting we need look no further than our own president. During his time in the Illinois senate he voted against the born alive infant protection act. This bill protects babies by requiring medical care for babies who are born alive proceeding a botched abortion.

Last week a lobbyist for planned parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, suggested that killing an infant was OK. During questioning from the Florida legislature as to what planned parenthood would do if an infant were born alive after an attempted abortion she told them that the decision should be up to the “…woman, her family, and the physician”. In their eyes the baby, has no moral rights and its fate should be left to others. It makes me sick thinking of a baby struggling to breathe, defenseless, and tossed aside as medical waste. Infanticide may be closer to legalization than many believe.

So, here we are back to square one. I know without a doubt that from the moment of conception a baby is formed and should have the same right to life as you or I. For those of you who may not ascribe to these same beliefs we can still using logic and reasoning to address this issue. Assuming that you believe a newborn has a right to life, I’ll review the actual differences between a newborn baby and a fetus in the next post.

Rest in Him,


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