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Great food or thought this week. As followers of Jesus we need to love, but we all have room in our lives for that love to translate into action.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

How do you not support something a person believes in, but still love that person unconditionally? (Sorry, I’m trying to phrase that question the best way I can) For example, the controversial issue of homosexuality and same sex marriage. As Christians, we don’t support same sex marriage, but when we don’t, people start to assume/generalize that we hate gays, when in truth, most of us don’t. How do I explain that I still love people, even when I disagree with some of their beliefs?


Thank you for your question and for your care in writing it. I can tell you want to be loving while also being truthful, and often that feels like mixing oil and water or trying to divide by zero. You know what I mean.

My thoughts on homosexuality are a little complex and perhaps different than the majority of Christians, and you can…

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