Free Salvation?!


Browsing the Craig’s List ads, I almost always click on the Free section. You never know if you can snag something great. In doing this I was once given over 200 free children’s books to start my kids’ once small personal libraries.
But more often than not, you’re looking at old used up couches, free broken tile, a tree or shrub you need to dig out yourself, piles of dirt, and old-people commodes. (Really? Did that person die, and you feel the need to give away their toilet?)
Anyway, you get what you pay for sometimes. Other than the random once-in-blue-moon awesome freebie, it’s usually just what it is- a pile of junk.
But salvation’s free. It’s the one gift I can think of that is worth so much it’s priceless, lasts beyond a lifetime, and extends to others around yourself, by the fruit of it, allowing them to experience it’s greatness as well.
Oh, there was a cost. Jesus paid it all, all to Him we owe, just like the old hymn says. But to you it is free. Free for the taking, by belief in Jesus as the Son of God.
The cross of Christ frees you. From sin. From pain. From chains that bind. The cost of forgiveness is free for you. The cost to Him was high.
Browse through the Free section of God’s Word. What you get for the price is unbelievable. With God you don’t get what you pay for.


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