What In the World Is Happening?!


I’ve been noticing more articles, blogs, and discussion groups speaking about change. Some people are not happy who God made them. They have become dissatisfied with their life, and wonder if they were meant to be someone else, be with someone else, look like someone else, or have never came to be at all.
Never, in all of history, have we had such an influx of plastic surgery. Not just boob jobs and eye lifts, but surgery to implant horns, leopard spots, alien shapes under the skin, and dental feline teeth. Surgery now removes a penis, and can shape excess skin and tissue into somewhat of a vagina.

Never, in all of history, have we seen the education laws change to force schools into a gender neutral zone, where ‘he’ and ‘she’ legally have to be replaced. At least in California, refer to a child now as ‘them’, cutting off any and all apron strings not only to their mamas, but to their entire gender for all of remainding time. Isn’t that odd?

Again, like never before, have we seen and witnessed personally, such a lack of respect. Kids hurting teachers, and children reckless in their speech to parents. This is the generation of tomorrow. Those kids will be your bosses, write your paychecks, and run for office.
The divorce rate at it’s highest, children shuffled to and fro making a recipe for spicy anger.
We think twice before honking at the car in front of us, don’t we, just in case their anger produces a gun.
Prisons are so full, that we let some of them out to make room for the snarliest ones. Am I the only one that thinks there’s something wrong here?
The fact that I have to padlock the back gate…
The fact that I can’t even let my kids play in the front yard without being with them the entire time…
The fact that we, as a society, think twice before letting our kids walk to the local elementary school, and are worried now the whole day through.

No matter what your worldview is, there has to be a better way. Looking around at the world and its unfortunate evolution into deeper and more disgusting sin, there has to be something better. Anyone else agree this way of doing things isn’t working?
Oh, we have great technology. Never before have we had so many people so closed off from each other and personal relationships. Yeah, we have progress. Never before have we seen so much greed, back-stabbing, and crime for the bottom line. Soft-core porn turned into a maze of black-market sexual slavery, where women and little boys and girls are kidnapped and drugged for sleazy men in dark shadows.
White collar crime has escalated to who has the brightest idea to lure more money from the gullible, the wealthy, the dying, and the retired. So much of that is happening, we have shows like American Greed airing continuously.
Dirty cops litter our streets like wolves in sheep’s clothing. The ones supposed to be helping clean up our cities, are some of the worst in dirtying them.
Soldiers raping other soldiers…
Drug use and violent crime is up to such an exponential amount that other countries have set their sites on destroying us, not wanting our culture to invade theirs.
We have a government that’s so close to falling off a fiscal cliff, they aren’t even looking over the edge. Denial will not fix this one.

There’s such rampant internal destruction that we don’t even know who we can trust anymore. No one can help us now. We want change, but we don’t know where to start. We don’t realize what needs to be fixed first. So we change the only thing we have under our own control…ourselves. New look, new lover, new apartment, new friends. But no matter what we do, we’re still dissatisfied. Who can help? There’s no one we can look to for help!
Or is there?

There is One who can help. Yes, this is where I start capitalizing the pronouns. He is the cure for what ails us. Forget the headlines, we need to focus on Jesus.
It’s been a dirty post, so far. Knee deep in the world’s muck, we’ve gotten smeared with figurative dirt and grime lining the edges of it. I did that on purpose because if you’re like me, you don’t take it all in at once. There’s so much yuck it’s just easier to see a portion of it at a time. Unfortunately, that protection mechanism doesn’t allow for significant change. You won’t do anything about it until you’re fed up and overwhelmed. You have to plug your nose and just cannonball in. Unfortunately, in reading posts like these, you come up with a gross stench and a crease in your forehead, spitting and sputtering in case you got any in your mouth. You don’t want it to infect you, but it already has. Sin is infiltrating every city and every culture. It has saturated the soil. If it hasn’t physically touched you, it will your children or your grandchildren.
We need to see things how they really are. Gross. Ugly. Unrestrained. Rampant. Evil. Yes, the days are evil.

There is only one remedy. Jesus Christ. He is not dead, He is alive. He is very, very real. The same resurrection power that raised Him from the dead can resurrect your life. Can resurrect a nation. A world even. There is a remedy.
Jesus, who knew no sin, became sin for us. Do you understand what that means for you? He became cursed on the cross, for your unholiness. He was turned away from by His Father, the Creator God. God actually turned His face away… Jesus on the cross, infiltrated and totally consumed with our grossly understated perversions, so that one day you and I could stand before Him without judgement. If we trusted Him to do that, He would become our Lord, more precious than life, and we would be safe. He made it so that you and I would able to see Him face to face. To have a friendship.
To be reconciled to God.
You don’t need plastic surgery, or new genitalia. You don’t need a divorce, or bigger government. You don’t need to become someone else. You need Jesus. He will change you, and your desires. His resurrection power will change your life.
There’s no greater gift.
Focus on Jesus. Surrender.

Ephesians 5:15 “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are are evil.”



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