Tending Toward Disorder

Last night my kids asked for a late night snack. We had eaten dinner super early, so my response was, why don’t you guys grab a bowl of cereal?
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© Photographer Kutt Niinepuu | Agency: Dreamstime.com
10 minutes later, after jumping out of the shower and walking to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, I was dumbfounded. All of them under the age of 8 were gone- trading the dining room in for someplace in the house more aesthetically appealing. I wondered if any of my four kids had managed to get any in their mouths! It was disastrous! Cereal tidbits laying naked on the beach of my smoked glass table. Milk was dripping off the edge and onto the floor in a rhythmic tapping. Splat. splat. Splat. Wet rags left alone and tired, sopping up pools of drenched honey-nut Cheerios and milk, as someone halfhazardly tried to clean up. My dining room table looked like the asphalt of a Saturday night at the county fair, and the entire kitchen looked like a frat house.
It was then that I realized Isaac Newton was right. Everything does tend toward disorder..the law of thermodynamics and entropy still stands.

But what about us? How can everything tend toward chaos and disorder, but secular science teaches that we’ve evolved for kajillions of years and only gotten better? Contemporary men smarter than cave men… Cave Men barely smarter than primates…Primates smarter than reptiles and birds. On down the line.
Wouldn’t it stand true then, that we were once smarter, taller, stronger, better…and then as the years have gone by we have become inferior?

I personally see the tend toward disorder. Turn on any news channel and there’s a daily segment commemorating the latest gun victim who’s fallen prey to the ‘disorder’. This last week there was a murderous cop on a rampage just in the county north of us. Then yesterday morning another supposedly evolved creature, killed 4 people just a city away from us. He stopped his car on a freeway junction and started randomly shooting into the cars driving past, and he eventually killed himself. Oh yeah, there’s disorder…
My husband and I haven’t turned on the news in front of our kids since the Connecticut school shooting. We don’t want them to be afraid of living life…of just going outside!

We trend toward disorder, Mr. Newton. You’re right.

But the disorder isn’t from thermodynamics. It’s from spitting in the face of God. It’s from cursing the holy name of Jesus, ripping down the 10 commandments of scripture, and excusing our anarchist world views by calling it modern science.

Who’s to blame? Is there someone to place blame upon?!

Is the world evil because mommies stopped spanking their kids? Is it because we don’t tell young people no anymore, because someone with a doctorate said that might hurt their little psyches? Are people changing for the worse because we tell high schoolers if they’re going to drink, or get high, just make sure you do it here, at our house, so that we can make sure you’re okay?
Free Stock Photography: Beer Can Picture. Image: 58667
© Photographer Joseph Cortes | Agency: Dreamstime.com

There, that’s some good parenting. Or how about skipping the conversation that says hey there innocent 13 year-old…you’re too young to handle the ramifications, and consequenses emotionally, not to mention physically, of sexual touch and intercourse. No. We as a society say listen, no matter what we say, kids are going to ‘do it’, so just put em all in a class and give em each a banana to practice rolling on safe sex. Is that where we went wrong? Or is it allowing our young people to pick which college to go to determined not by academic advantage, but by how the school is ranked by parties and spring break? Or allowing our children to be sleeping with someone under our roof, even living in sin there, flicking the Words of God out the window of concealed shame…Shame on us.

I don’t know what my goal was in writing this jaded and cynical whining today. I guess I’m sick of pretending our world is ok. We’re not ok. We’re blow-it failures without repentance and turning to God. White flag it, friends. It’s not going to get any better without surrender to the God that loves us. Get tired of glancing around and seeing the repercussions of throwing Jesus out of schools. See what our country, and this world is heading towards since families said, no, God, we’ll go it alone. Get so tired of it that it weakens your knees and makes you feel sick. At least there, on the floor of our own personal surrender, we’ll all look up and humble ourselves. We’ve tried it the un-godly way. It’s not working.

Oh there’s disorder. There’s a trend toward chaos. Look around. We’re streaking toward it.


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