Turning to Fables

God often speaks to me while I read the Bible to my kids. In turn, each of my four children get their mom reading from their age appropriate devotionals right before I kiss them and say goodnight.
Last night I was reading my 6 year old a chapter of when the Israelites were camped at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and God said to Moses to gather the people. In three days, God Himself would speak to them. After the mountain started shaking, and the thunder and lightening became too much for them, they told Moses, “You go!” They were too afraid. Facing the Almighty and powerful Father was too scary. They had shame, disbelief…unfaithfulness.
I’m a little intrigued by this.
You see, if you know the history, the people of Israel had been taken captive, and had been serving the Pharaoh of Egypt for some time. Simply put, they had been slaves.
But God, who loved them, had rescued them, by raising up a man, Moses, who at one time had been adopted by the previous ruler’s daughter. God had sent this man to Pharaoh, to rescue them. Like a princess trapped in a castle turret, and a dragon tormenting any who would come to free her, the Israelites had no hope. But God. God saw their plight, and heard their prayers. He came to rescue.
So why then were they afraid to hear from their God, better than any heroic knight? Moses encouraged them to ready themselves to hear His voice. Bathe, look presentable, and ready their hearts to hear from the God of heaven. But they chose their leader. They said, “No way, Moses, you go! We’ll listen to whatever you say that God said, but we don’t want to listen ourselves.”
A princess should always thank her knight in shining armor.
But Moses went.
He came down 40 days later, after being protected in the cleft of a rock, at the mountain’s peak, a changed man.
For you cannot be in the presence of the living God without being changed.
Isn’t that exactly what the people were afraid of?

Fast forward to today. We have a lot of people trying to live together on this earth. We have the knowledge of God. We have His very Words! The Bible, available to any who wish to hear Him.
“No, you go,” I listen to too many say to me. They don’t want to hear from the One who sees through it all, seeing through to our very souls. So they raise up for themselves teachers who will tell them only the parts that sound good to them. “Don’t read that part! It’s too…confining. And not that part! It’s too…archaic. Oh, and not that verse in that specific book because it doesn’t fit my lifestyle.”

Do you see what we’ve done? We’re trading the life-giving, and eternal words of God, for lies. And we wonder why there’s no change.
We sit around and wonder why there’s so much evil in the world. Why everything is unchanged..
Beloved, think carefully about yourself for a moment. Not your friends, not your government. Think about yourself, and for yourself. Do you need change? Do you need God’s forgiveness?
We need His presence. But there’s a cost. It’s that you will never be the same.

2 Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Praying for you.


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  1. dogbronte says:

    Good post. Thank you. The message is so very true and so very few are preaching truth but rather pacification. Everyone wants to know how much they are loved, accepted and respected and they are willing to receive all the good things. Few desire to accept the other side of God’s love – the discipline. As a parent trains up a child because they love them, so God will train up His children, to be as Christ, in His image. God doesn’t want people, He wants disciples.

    God bless, you and your family.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging response. In using a gift of exhortation, I don’t always get so positive a feedback! I appreciate your willingness, and sacrifice of time to pop in here and encourage. May our Jesus lead us both in using our words to His glory, right? Blessings.

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