The Irony of My Pointing Finger


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In becoming more aware of how misrepresenting we believers can be of our great God, I wanted to write a post of apology.

First, if you’ve ever been yelled at, bullied, physically cajoled, punched, and other forms of abuse from someone claiming to be a Christian, I am so sorry. That person most likely had a severe case of hello-I-haven’t-taken-the-plank-out-of-my-eye-itis. It is treatable, surprisingly, with time studying the Bible, a good look in the mirror, and a sizable dose of humility.
I’ve had to take my medicine many times. I’m not better than you, just forgiven.
Listen, Beloved, to any and all of us followers of Jesus who read this post- sin is not only in the person sitting across from you. It isn’t just infecting that person sharing your bed, or driving you to church. It isn’t mutating at an inordinate rate only in someone else’s children. We all struggle with it.
Stop pointing your finger. It’s doing more damage than good, and when the dust settles, we still can’t see Jesus’ face clearly.
We’ve misrepresented.
Here’s a quote from Max Lucado:
“God does more than forgive our mistakes; He removes them!

We simply have to take them to Him

He not only wants the mistakes we’ve made. He wants the one’s we are making! Are you making some? Are you drinking too much? Are you cheating at work, or cheating at marriage? Are you mismanaging money? Are you mismanaging your life?
If so, don’t pretend nothing is wrong. Don’t pretend you don’t fall. Don’t try to get back in the game. Go first to God. The first step after a stumble must be in the direction of the cross. “If we confess our sins to God, He can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away.” (1 John 1:9)
What can you leave at the cross?”
That list should also include gossiping about another, speaking badly about another denomination, not allowing another to become part of the conversation, and judging what someone is wearing. ..The list could go on and on.
Let’s stop pointing fingers. Bring your life to the cross.


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