The kids and I were looking at a satellite photo of earth taken from outer space. We had been studying the Great Wall of China, and mentioned that I had heard somewhere, it was one of the few man-made structures that can be seen from space. Set in a sepia tone, from that far away, a photograph of the wall looks like a bulging varicose vein on the skin of the Earth. Looking at the photos from miles above, well, it’s an interesting perspective.

This got me thinking about our history. Once upon a time we believed the earth was flat. Sailors were afraid to maneuver their ships too far from the mainland in case they should encounter the waterfall into nothingness. Inaccurate maps were proved wrong after extensive exploration was made, and brave sailors risked mutiny to find the truth…or gold. Even though Aristotle figured the curviture of the earth was spherical, not many in 330 BC were shaking his hand, and no one was putting his face on the cover of wax tablet People. Of course over time, we learned the laws of gravity, studied moon and sun eclipses, and decided these scorned men were indeed geniuses. They had faith. They didn’t mock thoughtful perspective. They had enough confidence to walk against the currents of peer pressure.
The invention of giant satellite cameras are able to capture amazing images. Enormous hurricanes, exploding volcanos, dangerous weather patterns, and we can even spy on pinpoint areas of land, holding grave political interest. My kids got to see the Great Wall, from a schoolroom in California, from hundreds of miles above the earth! The perspective has indeed changed.

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Were we all just idiots, or did we just simply not see the whole picture?
Have an open mind for a moment.
Is it possible God could be perfectly running things, but your perspective is too narrow minded?
Is it possible we’re too close to the wall to see its great length? Too close to the surface of the ocean, we can’t fathom its depths? Sitting on earth, we’re too far from heaven to even imagine it?
Is it possible, that if we could see the big picture, all the rest could possibly come into focus? Like a confusing movie that all makes sense in the end?

Isaiah 55:9
“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

I will never be deemed a genius. But let it be said of me that I stood strong, on the rock, facing the tide of adversity, and swam in God’s grace. If I’m going to err, I want to err on the side of belief. Faith that there’s way more than this. It’s a matter of simple perspective.


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  1. Tim Shey says:

    “Is it possible God could be perfectly running things, but your perspective is too narrow minded?”

    Even though I don’t like what has happened to the United States in the past forty years (sin) and I don’t like who occupies the White House, I do know that Jesus Christ is Lord over the United States. My faith is in my heavenly Father. The Lord’s name will be glorified in His blessings and the Lord’s name will be glorified in His judgments. Praise the Lord!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love your blogs… Usually just read it through my e-mail, just wanted to comment being reminded of what kind of perspective to have! Thanks for your encouraging words…keep them coming! 🙂

    1. Thank you for these kind words! I’m going to take them, and throw them straight to Jesus, who deserves all the credit. I really appreciate you following the posts. It means more than you know!

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