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Driving behind an old black Sentra, I noticed a black sticker with big white scarily written A on it. Years before someone had explained the Anarchy symbol, and what it meant. No rules, it implies. No government, no authority. Just let me do what I want, this sticker boldly replies.
It’s funny if you think about it.
Then my pastor brought this exact topic up on Sunday.
He said it makes one want to pull up ahead of the car, cut him off, and slow down enough to upset him. Then at a green light just sit there, not accelerating, while anger fumes out his windows. Then, as he pulls out from behind you, yelling “The light’s green!”, you could retort, “Anarchy, man!”
Of course our pastor would never do this, and neither would I, but it was a hilarious thought, laughing in the face of a worldview that says I-can-do-what-I-want-and-so-can-you, except when it’s an inconvenience to me!
There are rules set up for us all. These rules protect us from collective danger and chaos. They protect us from car accidents, and pedestrian death. Local government, and the laws intact, keep perpetrators in line, aware of great consequence. There are stop lights telling you when to stop, and when to go, for a purpose. We need city, and federal government for a purpose.
Anarchy is illogical.
But there are also laws set forth from God himself, which keep order as well. Better order. Do you realize if everyone had been celibate before marriage, and monogamous after, there would be no such thing as sexually transmitted disease? Then, there would have been less than a thousand abortions every year, and almost no cervical cancer? Furthermore, the divorce rate would be down, due to fidelity, and less children would grow up angry and hurting. Less hurting people taking drugs to find an alternate reality, and less likely to take a gun and pull a trigger. If there’s less hurt, there’s less bullying, and less suicide. Think about it. What in your life has made a deep wound in your heart? I’ll bet it’s from someone, if not yourself, committing an offense of one of God’s commands.
Like our traffic laws, God’s figurative stoplights slow us down to think, or can even stop us from making decisions that could alter our lives indefinitely.
God knows you want to run your own ship. He’ll even partly let you. But at some point you will run aground. You need Him. And so do I. To shake your fist at God and yell “Anarchy!”, is not only foolish, but you will eventually find yourself in a ten car pile-up.


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