The Futility of Humanity

Not to rip on anyone else’s freedom of speech, since I am fiercely protective of my own, but while reading a stranger’s recent post I became increasingly irritated. I am not even going to re-blog any portion of it, but he basically tried to convince his readers that Jesus wasn’t God’s only begotten Son, but only one son of possibly many more. It went on to say that any one of us could have fulfilled that role in history, and as a matter of fact, could still, if we tap into our inner deity. That we could become like God, if we only tried.
Yikes. Why was this line so darn stinkin familiar?
Oh yeah, because the serpent, Satan, a superb deceiver, used this same line on The Worst Day of Human History. You can read what happened that day in Genesis 2 & 3, and get the based-on-a-true-story, but with added artistic license here. This line of you becoming more in your own strength and in your own time spoonful of bull honkey doodie has been served up and set before a great many. It allows those who have craved the sweet taste of power to be first tricked, then poisoned, and finally consumed themselves. ‘You too can be a God,’ is a lie from the first few moments of time, overused, but wholly entangling.
Why was I so irritated? Because whenever an appeal to a person’s pride is formed, it is rare to find a person who sees through the smoke and mirrors, and rejects the notion as pure illusion.
God, the Creator God of the created universe is the only true God. Jesus, the only begotten son of the Father is God. The Spirit of God, pointing us to Jesus, and revealing the heart of the Father is God. The trinity. Father, Spirit, Son.
Maybe I should print these next few lines in bold italics.
You are not God.
You cannot ever, no matter how hard you try, become God.
I am not God. Luckily, I don’t want to be.
If you think you ought to try to become a deity you are wasting your breath, your time, energy, and other resources.
What I can do, however, is introduce you to Him.
The Word of God, His infallible word to us, is still a best-seller in our country and you are still free to purchase and read it in it’s entirety.
Good bible teaching churches dot our landscape, allowing for education on what God loves, and strength from brothers and sisters who encourage.
Prayer is one of the last free enterprises; talking with the God who made you. Most importantly, surrender. Taking yourself off any flimsy throne you’ve precariously climbed up on, allow the One to take off the gold painted plastic crown, and replace it with the genuine. Surrender is what makes you an adopted son, or daughter. Getting saved, which is simply the white flag of our hearts, saying forgive me God, I am in need of you. Though difficult, if you can put down your pride, see yourself for who you are- a loved creation in need, and ask Jesus to rule your life, you would become an adopted heir, welcomed by the God who’s not going anywhere. He loves you.
If there are any questions on how to personally do this, feel free to email me.
Points to remember:
Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”
You are imperfect, a sinner. Among other things, this disqualifies you from being anything more than human. You can become adopted, but this calls for surrender.


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