Three Most Formidable Enemies

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, we’ve been going through a series on Satan, and the ramifications of his presence in and around your life. That’s of course, if he’s real. My argument is that yes, there is this real enemy of all people, no matter your faith, background, heritage, culture, or race. He’s not partial to ruining you, or your next door neighbor. You were made in the image of God- whether you like it or not. This little known fact sets a target on your back, stepping you smack dab in the middle of a battlefield you might not have known existed.
Satan is not God’s only enemy though.
Our flesh, the human appetites that war against the will of Jesus, well, it wants it’s own way. Doesn’t your body want what it wants when it wants it? Don’t you think life would be easier to live if everyone lived it the way you think they should? Don’t you think thoughts that don’t fall in line with the commandments of holy scriptures? Of course!

The world, and it’s secular world-view, war against what Jesus himself taught while He was here. The worldly culture tells you how you need to look, where you’re inadequate, what you need to change, how much money you need to have, how much weight to lose, and how you can do all that, ‘in as little as 30 days!’ It tells you lust is love, faithfulness is futile, boys will always be boys, and girls, if you’re not feelin it, just leave. Forget commitment, (too ideal) integrity, (too religious) honesty, (just fake it) and fidelity, (too confining).

So so far we have the flesh, the world, and Satan.
Liken it to our appetite, the buffet, and the master chef, serving it up for you.
How in the world do we allow Satan to set his sights on us? Why does he target certain individuals, and why would anyone dedicate their soul to him?
We’re hiking through some pretty nasty stuff now. We reek with the stench of disgusto. If you go with me, I’ll wade through it all. Then, we’ll talk offensive. Let’s not just hide in our camo- let’s learn our weaponry and go on. Let’s fight the good fight of faith.


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