The Antithesis


For a number of reasons I feel led to write about Satan this week. The most obvious one is that many people I speak with, don’t seem to want to admit that He’s real. Even some  who would say they believe in God, say that He would never make a place so terrible as Hell,  and even if He did, we shouldn’t talk about it. They say that the only demonic minions they know about are cartoon fictional characters in video games and horror movies.

I am going to answer a few questions, and point out a few truths.

Does the Bible give us a history?

Is there an archenemy of God out there?

If he is, what does he want specifically with you?

Should we pay him any mind?

Going to watch horror movies…is that bad?

If I see a loved one’s ghost, doesn’t that prove there’s no Hell?

Can Satan hurt us?

Why would God create Satan anyway?!

Ok, now that I realize the truth of how real he is, how do I go up against him? Am I any match for Satan?!

We will take a few days, and wade through muck and mire, to answer these, and any other questions you may have, about the Enemy of Jesus Christ.


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