Moral Implosion

Reading the headlines, I am caught up in immediate frustration and grief. Sadness for the families who have lost loved ones, as well as sweet little kindergartners, and frustration at us as a collective society. This man, or these brothers, whoever is to blame, were surely messed up in the head, we say. Some people legitimately struggle with mental illness. This day very well could have been because of one man’s struggle with that very thing.
Unfortunately, this is not the only school, or mass shooting that has occurred recently. In fact, there have been an unprecedented number occurring randomly, and tragically, all over our country.
There are many of us who wonder if the blame should be shifted to something much much deeper. We personally can’t help but wonder if the world would be a different place if the statutes of God were still being taught in our schools.
Years ago there were 10 rules hand written on every teachers’ blackboards, or laminated and then tacked to the wall of every classroom. The 10 commandments hung straight like a sentinal keeping guard, an ominous deterent to wayward behavior. Do not lie. Do not steal. Do not kill.
Once upon a time, the people of the kingdom decided the rules were too confining, too strict, too…religious. There needs to be separation between the church, (people who subscribe to this God thing), and the state. Because of public funding, this meant our public schools. Those 10 respected and honorable rules became seen as only needed in church, even though lying, stealing, and killing are disallowed, and punishments doled out in our federal courts of law. The chalkboards were erased. The stately posters were bent and cajoled into the trash bin. Some parents breathed a deep sigh of relief that ‘God’ was out of the schools, and the others just shrugged. But no one saw what was coming. A generation of school aged children were not taught a moral compass, because technically the compass was gone. Riding the wave of personal morality, we said, hey, whatever feels right. But the tidal waves are rising. The carnage and destruction are clearing their own paths, and it’s not just landed on one specific beach. We’re all feeling it. We’re all running for our lives.
Those 10 commandments, I’ve written about them before, are a measuring stick. A heart check. Like an EKG machine looks for cardiac abnormality at your physical, God’s 10 commandments are a checklist for the soul. Am I honoring my father and my mother? Mmmnn, God help me. Is my anger so great that I am hating enough to kill? Mmmnn, I need to confess that to Jesus. Do I view that man or that woman with lust enough to steal them from their spouse, and leave my family? That thought’s enough to afford counseling. Kids, and adults alike, could look up at the ancient checklist and know how to behave. We understood there was a Creator who made us, and that we each had a divine purpose. We understood that each were made equally, and wonderfully. Most importantly, we understood that life was sacred, children are gifts, and that taking a life in cold blood is, without a doubt, completely evil.
That’s outdated… Like we need any more rules, you say. Well, we took God out, and how’s that working for us?
God gave them to us for our benefit, not our demise. You misunderstand His intent for you.
We now ride the sin tsunami. The waves will keep coming, unless we can put down our pride, and afford to put God, and His statutes of love back in.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for telling the truth.

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