The Audacity of Being Close

I’ve been noticing lately, the surprise, shock even, that a person would have the audacity to claim a close relationship to the God who created all things. Well I have audacity.
Do you have a best friend? Some of us, if we’re fortunate, have a few really great people that we’re tight with. Why did you become friends with them? More than likely you had some things in common, liked their style, their sense of humor, or their winning personality. Over time you realized that you must care enormously because you were spending on them what even money cannot buy- time. If you’re close friends, you start to care about what they care about; like what they like, and hate what makes them upset. You’ll stick up for them, encourage them, and talk with that person often. If you’re close. It also doesn’t take a brain surgeon to explain that friendships are two way streets. You don’t do all the talking. If you’re close, you sit quietly and listen to the other person as well. They have a voice in the relationship too. You don’t take advantage, and you don’t hold the hoops of expectation so high that the other person can’t hurdle through them. There’s grace, and forgiveness when feelings get hurt. If you’re close, they can depend on you, and you look forward to being with them again soon.
If you’re close…
I am saying, with great audacity, that you can have a close and satisfying friendship with the Creator God of the universe. The Earth-shaking, cell-sustaining, man-forming, soul-searching, crucified, yet risen again, beautiful Christ.
It’s how you draw close.
Our sin separates us from a holy God. He doesn’t tolerate sin, hence the holiness part. It’s why Jesus came, to take our punishment for us. So even though my humanity is still with me, my sinful nature inherited from that fateful day in the garden, I’m now changed. Through repentance and trust that Jesus is who He said He is, the Father sees me as holy. Why? Because Jesus’ blood covers all of my sin. Jesus bridges the gap that was made by sin, drawing us close. Allowing for friendship, I submit and yield to His plan, and my heart is made clean.
Does that make me perfect? No.
It makes me a friend of God.
When you repent, and turn from your sin, the Holy Spirit of God dwells within you, and being forgiven makes you grateful. So grateful for the bridge over the gap. So grateful for the blood that covers, and grateful for a father who draws you close.
If you want to be free from your sin just ask. The Bible says, …”whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” “Seek first the kingdom of God.”… “Believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” “He wishes that none should perish, but all should come to repentance.”
Friendship with God. Forgiveness, love, a changed heart…Yeah, there’s some audacity.
Please feel free to comment. I want to read bits and pieces of your story of friendship with Jesus. Why, or why not, become friends with the almighty God who loves you?


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