No Dumping! Jesus in the Junk Pile

Driving recently, I was stopped at a red light, and spotted a sign hung precariously on a wire fence. No DUMPING, it read, in bold block letters. Underneath the sign, against the fence, was a faded and dirty couch, complete with tears, and visible rusted springs, flailing up like a decapitated Jack-in-the-Box. The couch was pink, but sun-faded, the vintage style from decades long past. Sitting directly under the reflective sign, it had partnered with random soft drink cans, fast food wrappers, and blown-in plastic bags. The sofa had sat there for some time along the road, and I assume, in direct spite of the person who hung the sign. Under the cover of darkness, I imagine, a pick-up truck quickly dumping its unwanted junk onto the deserted road, someone cognizant of only what his illegal purpose was, not the unwanted burden of the landowner.
Sitting there, as the red light changes to green, God speaks. Yes, Jesus speaks through the junk-piles. He shows me, glancing in my rear view, that people hang their emotional No Dumping signs. But, unlike the rebels in the pick-up, God’s not hurriedly dropping off unwanted trash. No matter who you are, what you believe, or what wrongs you’ve done, he’s handing off some love to you every single day. He’s dumping beautiful blessings, determinedly, and in plain sight, but we’re still rebelliously hanging our signs.
I have a few. Transparently, I’m going to admit what mine are. Yes, I know they’re wrong, and unless you can humble yourself, you will go on thinking you are one of the few without any. One of mine reads, TOO BUSY FOR YOU TODAY GOD. Oh I can come up with some real good reasons why I can’t sit and listen to Him. He wants to tell me how much He loves me, wants to show something to me, and talk about what His purposes for me are, but I don’t have time for that? Or how about the other one I hang, NO, I CAN’T MAKE ROOM FOR THAT PERSON….even though I know deep down that I will become a better me if I open my heart to love them, especially when I darn well know I might not get anything in return. There’s the run of the mill common signs we all hang at various times, and for various reasons- IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? and the classic comparison sign, WELL AT LEAST I’M NOT LIKE THAT PERSON!
God wants us to take down our signs, or at least admit to Him that you have one…or five…hundred…
We think we know how God can do this whole thing called life, better. If He just…if only He… You could fill in that blank dozens of times over, couldn’t you, but the honest truth is that what we would do wouldn’t even get close. He alone knows what we need, and how to get us there. If in charge, we would be rich, in love, and vacationing. You would be smiling, tan, and wearing a Rolex, but at the end of your life, would it have produced enough in you to want to see His face?
Would it have shown your great need of Him?
Eternity is longer than this lifetime.
He alone allows for great blessings, but the package it comes wrapped in might be camouflaged. You think it’s junk, but God sees a purpose through the experience. Hanging a sign is in direct opposition to His master plan. The master plan will continue, but you’ll be left mad that there’s ‘junk’ on your property.
We might as well allow the God who made us, knows us, and only wants our best, to take down the NO DUMPING signs. Ask Him to. First, they’re unsightly. Furthermore, because either way, there will be somethings, and someone’s there, dropped into the dust of your life, that you’ll ultimately end up being asked to account for. We’re a junk pile. A beautiful mess of dirt and junk that Jesus knows intimately, and decides to bless anyway.
What’s written on your sign?


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  1. Shelly says:

    Great challenging post! I think I have a lot of different signs at different times. I can certainly relate to the TOO BUSY FOR YOU TODAY GOD and NO! I CAN’T MAKE ROOM FOR THAT PERSON! And IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, etc. I need to constantly refocus on the fact that it is ALL ABOUT GOD and making Him my priority.

    1. Don’t we all! Thanks Shelly, for stopping by, encouraging words, and a humble spirit willing to relate. Be blessed today!

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