Unconditional Love

Its time to blow a whistle. There seems to be something tiptoeing just under the rouse of being good and worthy of approval, but the only thing right about it is that it’s right on top of our heads. Exposing this has been on my heart for some time, and it just might be the season to stand up straight and call it out.
There’s an insidious demon of a philosophy emerging its ugly head. Maybe its been around forever, and it may only be that I’ve just started paying attention. But its definitely not good.
It’s the modern meaning of the word tolerance.
This word, and the army behind it, the ones who are driving it forward with great force, need to be stood up to. Noticing the stench first in conversation, more and more of this evil monster reveals itself through mutual spitefilled glances and malicious gossip. Tolerance has become more than a word. It’s now an operation of militant control over people. Operation No One Can Have Their Own Opinion Anymore. Tolerance used to be when I don’t particularly like something, but I put up with it anyway. Like my husbands Mo-vember mustache, the one-ply roll next to the toilet at my in-laws, and the neighbor who lets their kid jump on my couch. It used to mean something that could be put up with for a small period of time. Now, the word tolerance is being shot out in conversation with the force of gunfire, maiming anyone who has the audacity to stand in the way- stating their opinion that homosexuality is a sin.
I am adamant about loving people. Jesus has unconditional love for every single person no matter their struggle, and no matter their sin. I try to model how I view others, and how I relate to others, by who Jesus was while He was here, and how He treated those who He interacted with. I’m not perfect, by any means, but I’m constantly aware of how Jesus wants me to treat others. I know by years of experience, what is required. Love is. That means I need to be lovingly tolerant. Tolerant of the sins others flaunt, tolerant of the loose morality that family and friends around my children model, and tolerant of my own imperfect example. However, the tolerance I have is a patience knowing the behavior is only being viewed temporarily, and/or being addressed, like within myself. Unconditional love does not negate that. I can still love you, but not want to hear the sordid details of your weekend of fornication or adultery. I can still totally love you while visiting you in prison, but not want your influence around my children. I can love you, but still think you’re headed for judgement from God while you hold hands with your homosexual partner.
You see tolerance is not really what they want. They’ve had that. What they want is the word tolerance and the word acceptance to be wholly interchangeable. And that’s unacceptable to me. Stop pushing me to let go of my convictions, and I’ll keep my tolerance of your personal lifestyle. It’s that easy.
You want tolerance, but you’re totally and completely unwilling to be tolerant in return. Be tolerant of my disagreement with your sin. It works both ways. Otherwise it’s just a double standard.


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  1. Clare your comment made me sad. You assumed a lot about me after hearing my view on homosexuality. You assumed that just because I believe the Bible as the infallible word of God, and share God’s view on the sin of alternative lifestyles, that I view you as disgusting and I don’t. You’re right. An opinion can be changed, but the Creator God of the universe does not.
    Even though you made it clear you don’t care about my acceptance in paragraph one, I wanted to reply to you and tell you how loved you are. God formed you, sustained you, cared for you, Jesus hung and died for you, raised Himself up from death, all so that you could be saved from yourself. Saved from your sin, and I could be saved from mine. It doesn’t matter what the sin is, it separates us from a holy God. You chose your sin. I chose mine. There is no gay-gene. Just like there’s no liar gene, or thieving gene. You have a God-shaped whole in your heart that can only be filled by Him. I am glad you responded to my post. You are wholly, and completely loved. Even though this will make you angry to hear, I’m going to be praying for you every single day. Not one day of my life will go by without a prayer for you reaching God’s ears. I pray you will one day know the love of Jesus.

    1. Thank you. Prayer for my good, or for God’s will for me, is always welcome.

      You too have made assumptions. I let God into my heart, and I seek God there. I have been worshipping this morning. I know that my redeemer lives, and I know that God’s healing of me has progressed with my own self-acceptance.

      As for gay gene, it appears to be more complex, affected by a number of separate gene clusters and also the intra-uterine environment, especially hormone washes. So, men with several elder brothers are far more likely to be gay. Please consider the evidence. The scientists are not in a Satanic conspiracy against God. They seek the truth. Please also consider the testimony of your brothers in Christ who are celibate and gay. They know they cannot change their orientation. They believe they cannot make love without sin. There is no single gene which always causes homosexuality, but people are born gay.

  2. I don’t even want acceptance from you. I want you to see me and relate to me with acceptance so certain it does not need to be thought about.

    Your opinion about homosexual acts is not true, morally. It does not reflect the best morality, and I hope that in time you will be convinced by better moral argument. But the point is that it is an opinion, not part of you like my transsexuality is part of me. So the issues are not equivalent. I can disapprove of you being wrong. You cannot disapprove of me being Me.

    You see another human being, being who they are and you feel disgust. It is that disgust which is wrong. Try to get over your disgust. Some people used to feel disgust for people of other races. They have got over it. So can you.

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