Ungrateful great-fullness

So I unlock the front door today, dragging in my left hand a 14 pound turkey, among other Thanksgiving-y delicacies, into my kitchen. Four little kids traipse behind me, quick to beat the others out of the minivan so as not to have to be the last one in. Anxious to look up how to roast a large Thanksgiving turkey, since I have always wanted to, my mind is on websites with recipes to emulate, when I hear my children having an interesting discussion. Let me just note that my children fight over who can help me bring in more bags from the car after a trip to the store.

“No, Aiden, mom has all the bags.”

“Gosh, I don’t get anything. I don’t have anything.” My 5 year old son declares in exasperation.

“Yes you do. You have a house, Aiden.” Always the voice of reason, my oldest strikes back.

“We’ll, that’s all…”

“And you have food,” she adds.

“Well…and that’s… it,” Aiden sulks.

My oldest heads up the stairs with her brother on her heels. “No, you have a bed, your own room, toys, a dresser, and all….” The list becomes inaudible as the two ascend higher than I can hear.

Do you need a list sometimes, like we do, of the things that you already have? I desire to have a grateful heart for all of the riches I already own. There may not be gold bullion or pirate chests of precious jewels, but the laughter of my children, the faithfulness of my husband, friends and family that surround are gifts from God. He alone is sufficient. He alone is worthy to be praised. He has given me a great fullness of heart this week. Happy Thanksgiving to you.


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