What’s and Who’s

I take no credit for the small part of this philosophical conversation. All applause goes to Chris Darnell, of whom I did applaud upon his simple yet very profound finish.

You and I would probably both agree that there are animate and inanimate objects in this life. A guitar, or the stool I am resting upon, inanimate. You and I are animate. There are ‘what’s’ and ‘who’s’…
You could reason further that a ‘what’ could make another ‘what’. You see that in robotics, or in assembly lines where inanimate machines, ‘what’s’, are making new ‘what’s’. 
A ‘who’ can make a ‘what’. People can make all sorts of things.

So a ‘what’ can make a ‘what’. A ‘who’ can make a ‘what’. But only a ‘who’ can make another ‘who’.
Therefore, only a ‘Who’ could have made the world.


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