Mission Statement of the Very First

(This first post is from back in May. I am transferring my older posts to WordPress because its better than the blog site I used previously. Just copying and pasting all posts until I’m caught up entirely, and can retire other site)
This is my very first blog so here goes…                             

There are a lot of things I believe.
The most important thing about myself is my faith in God.
But the first thing that comes to mind more often these days is that God is misunderstood.

Maybe your god isn’t misunderstood at all…

  • perhaps your god isn’t because…he/she fits almost perfectly into your lifestyle and worldview
  • perhaps by chance the object of your worship doesn’t judge you or ask you to change
  • perhaps the one/ones you serve are silent, and don’t speak at all,
  • but maybe your god isn’t misunderstood, or understood even, because your god doesn’t exist at all.

No one needs to tell you how important you are. You get up in the morning and brush your teeth, your hair, shave or put on make-up. You tend to yourself in important ways. More than likely you have a job and a social life. Why would you ever want a god that makes you feel guilty, or allows your worship to impede your calendar and schedule..and it would absolutely never tell you that you did something…(gasp) WRONG. No. That would be (gasp..gasp) JUDGEMENTAL!

So back to me. What I said before…up there at the top. You’re not going to like it- or maybe you will, but I’m going to say it aloud anyway. Or write it at least. And I am not even going to apologize for it. There is only one God. There is only one way to heaven. It’s what He said. If you’re mad at that statement take it up with Him I’m just repeating it. 
From the very beginning, and even before that there was God. Yahweh God. The God of the Old Testament, and the God of the New one. The God of the Israelites, and the God of the Gentiles (those of us non-Jewish) through adoption. He is three distinct persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (I understand that’s a tough one) They were together even before you and I and our ancestors set a foot on this place. He is not made up, nor is He a really great story. He’s not a campfire myth or a fitting cuss word. He’s real.
 He’s also really misunderstood

I am going to try and shake out, pull down, and traverse through the various ways that I think the One true and living Yahweh God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have been misunderstood and then been given the finger.  Why? Because if I can point a tiny flashlight at the points you’re struggling with than perhaps reasoning through them can help you see the outline of His face. You know you spend enough time on yours. Let’s try and see His.
Daughter of the King


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