False Advertising

We drove to Vegas today. I don’t know why really, but the hubby got a great deal on a suite of rooms. Plus the Luxor used to have an amazing buffet. 
So we’re driving there in 104 degrees, and the sunlight is burning my passenger side arm, but out of boredom I start to read the rectangle billboard ads as they wiz by me. ‘Gentlemen’s Club! Hottest Sexiest Girls!!! Girls on tap!’
Am I missing something here? I grew up thinking I understood what a gentleman was. A gentleman opens the car door for a lady, gives up his seat for someone in need, and if possible will ask permission for a daughters hand in marriage. He tries to speak respectfully, will sacrifice his place in the lifeboat to women and children, and will thoughtfully approach a sensitive conversation. He always respects an elder. He’s kind to those smaller or weaker than him. A gentleman would NEVER disregard a woman’s virtue, and virginity would always be treated with honor.
I thought we reached a place in our society where women WANTED to be treated equally, not as a piece of meat on display. I thought women wanted to be given the same amount of respect as men. So how come we’re parading around half naked hoping that some man will be enticed enough to ‘purchase’ the goods, and then brag about it? Even if you’re not selling yourself it might be worse…you could be giving yourself away for free!
Decide ladies. You’re sending a mixed signal.
It’s time to bring back the true gentlemen, and not the ones over on Tropicana Boulevard. They’re simply animals.


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