Evil is Real. God is still Good

The headlines this week have struck eerily close to home. In the middle of the night a normal looking whack job,  (did I say that out loud) walked into a movie theatre and open fired in Aurora Colorado, and killed 12 too many people. He also injured many dozens more sending them into local hospitals hoping they would die as well. Not only that, but this man who I won’t even honor by mentioning his name out loud, had booby-trapped his apartment in hopes of after being found out would finish off a few more.
My husband and I lived in Denver for 4 years and had two children there. We purchased a home on the Denver/Aurora border and made a life there. We enjoyed the seasons, the people, and attended church at Calvary Chapel Aurora. It’s an absolutely wonderful place to buy a home and raise a family. Even though we’ve moved back to southern California to be closer to family, we both feel a deep connection to friends, co-workers, neighbors, and those we served alongside in ministry and called brothers and sisters. To hear this news was shocking to say the least.
Usually when you hear a tragic headline it’s sad, and you may even say, “wow that’s unfortunate”, but it usually doesn’t penetrate much deeper than that because it’s somewhere you’ve never been. You don’t usually recognize the people being interviewed, or can place the landmarks and the streets by name. When you can, and you’ve driven to that very same mall, and sat inside the very theatre where people have been killed and purposefully hurt it’s very sobering.
How does this pertain to God? My blogs are all about how God is misunderstood. They’re usually all about how people are very very wrong about Him. Okay, here goes. 
What some will scornfully disdain as coincidence I will purposefully proclaim as providence. From Calvary Chapel Aurora, the church my family called home for exactly 4 years, so from there, 33 of our leadership and youth attended the very same night the very same movie, but were sitting in the theatre right next door. They heard gunfire, and some felt shrapnel from the shredding walls hitting them, and falling around them but were all seriously unharmed. Although they were scared, they were able to escape, able to assist with first aid, and at times be first responders to the injured. The pastors that I know personally were able to bring hope, encouragement, a calming voice, even friendship and help to those who needed it most that night. What are the odds?
Some of these guys in their 30’s and 40’s, making a midnight movie with our young people, away from their wives and their own kids to be placed in the right place and on the very night people would need them most?
But, some would say get rid of us.
Get rid of all of us with deep faith in Jesus. It does the world harm. It brings fighting, and God forbid if people’s feelings are hurt. (forgive the pun.)
Well I am here to stand up for the followers of Jesus who are afraid to stand strong.
We bring love to people all over the world. We bring physical aid; food, water, blankets to homeless. We house those who don’t have roofs over their heads, and clothes to the children. Maybe even more importantly, those of us who deem Jesus Christ as the Messiah and son of God we bring emotional comfort. We pray for with you and for you. We proclaim into your life that you are no cosmic accident. Your life matters. It matters to the entire world, and it matters immensely to God himself.
Our God may allow this fallen world to still travel on its ruined trajectory, but He does not leave people hopeless, or without a hand to hold. That’s what those pastors were there for that early morning. To tell the people that through this demonic display of senseless carnage His hand was still there, caring and loving His people.
May the wonderful people of Aurora Colorado heal, and be encouraged that the hand of God has not been lifted. He still loves. Praying for you.
Daughter of the King
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