Crucify Him?

Ever wonder why they crucified Jesus?
Jesus healed people.
Jesus spoke gently with people.
Jesus forgave and even raised up some dead people.
If Jesus was so wonderful than how come they killed Him?

They crucified Jesus because they didn’t like what He said to them about their sin. They didn’t like him telling them to ‘go and sin no more’.
They called it hate speech, I’m sure.
They probably called him ‘judgemental’…
and they more than likely called him a ‘hater’.

There’s a lot of that talk going on again today. 
If I disagree with you about a sin than I’m judgemental, or unloving, or insensitive. I am definitely narrow minded. That’s ok.
They hated Jesus first.
And they would crucify Him again today if He was alive in 2012. 
He would still be loving people..eating with the unpopular, speaking gently with the prostitutes and pimps, walking with the gangsters. He would associate himself with normal laborers..the ones that the masses call ‘insignifigant’.
But His message would still be the same. ‘Go and sin no more. I can give you new life.’
Those of us who believe Him will be hated. Despised even.
Would you crucify Him? Or will you kneel before Him?


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